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Discussion in 'Product Reviews' started by bigrob1977, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. bigrob1977

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    let me relate my Bill Heard experience for your pleasure. i went down on jun 27 intending to buy my Colorado i had looked at it on their web site and had seen that this particular one had all the equipment which i requie. upon entering the dealership i met my salesman Boris Martinez who asked me what kind of car i was looking for.

    I told him a colorado z-71 crew cab and gave him the stock number of the truck from the dealers web site. he went to try and find it and was unsuccessful until i started walking around the showrrom and found the truck on the showrrom floor in a spot he had walked past 6 times going to the sales managers office. his next act of stupidity was wanting me to fill out a credit app BEFORE WE EVEN TEST DROVE THE TRUCK.

    next came the test drive when he did not know his product ie it has a 3.8l v6?, and coudn't figure out the onstar controls. Finally we began to 12:40pm i told him i would give x-much for the truck, i would accept x-much for the trade, and wouldn't put anything 8:25pm he finally came back with the deal that i laid out and we moved to the F&I manager. after a short wait we began to sign the papers.

    reviewing the contract i noticed that the purchase price was higher than what we discussed and there was a warranty that was not discussed on my contract. oh that's just a typo Harry St.Clair told me. BS i told him fix it and reprint it now or good bye. then i was asked to sign a blank contract and offer sheet "in case we can get you a better deal thru another finance company" after informing him i was born at night not last night we than left, after a 2 hr wait in the make-ready dept, where they not only couldn't find a second set of keys but forgot to put the drive out tag on the truck. so at 12:50 am on jun 28 we left for home.

    on the late morning of jun 28 i got online to change my insurance. this is when i learned that the F&I guy didn't put a copy of the contract into the paperwork envelope and that according to them we had just taken a spot delivery of the truck pending financing. I never would have taken a spot had it been represented as such. so i had to drive another 25 miles over to Bill Heard and demand my trade back until the deal was concluded.

    2 more visits were neccessary to complete this deal. and finally on July 1 it was final and we took it home. on July 4 we still don't have second set of keys"we have them by the time your plates come in". I am just waiting for my GM customer survey to come in now. in short under no circumstances ever go to BILL HEARD CHEVROLET IN SUGARLAND,TEXAS and if someone you care about plans to WARN THEM AWAY. you will be doing them the greatest favor you have ever done them.:grrrrrr:
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  2. GoFastPadre

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    Hey an, it ain't only in Sugarland TX it is everywhere!!! BH has sooooooooooo many BBB complaints I would not trust them to sell me squat!!! A guy I work with bought a Chrysler 300 and ended up in court because the tag that they were supposed to have transferred to his new car was left on the trade which someone else bought...... SCARY!!!!!!
  3. ChevyFan

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    Wow, just type in "Bill Heard Complaints" into Google and you'll see quite a large number of complaints, including news reports on the massive amounts of complaints that they get. There's even stories about them settling with a state attorney general.

    NewsChannel 5 Investigates: Consumer Alert
    Bill Heard Hit by Consumer Complaints Nationwide

    Bill Heard Chevrolet ripoff fraud to consumers Scottsdale Arizona *UPDATE! ..It's not illegal until you get caught! MSRP's removed in violation of Federal Law. *EDitor's investigation see photo's

    Attorney General Signs $400,000 Settlement with Bill Heard Chevrolet
    ~ Major auto dealerships will alter procedures to address consumer complaints ~
  4. bigrob1977

    bigrob1977 New Member

    Yes i now know only too well about Bill Heard Chevrolet. If the salesman at Mac Haik had just called me back after 5 messages i probably could have gotten it sent to Mac haik from Bill Heard on a dealer trade. Oh well i love the truck and you live and learn.
  5. bigrob1977

    bigrob1977 New Member

    Bill Heard Update

    This morning my salesman called me to tell me that a "survey" would be coming in the mail. Then he actually proceeded to ask me if I would bring it to the dealership so they could "help" me fill it out correctly! He even offered me a $20 gift card to Walmart.(oh now that's an enticement if I ever heard one!) Every time i think these people have reached rock bottom with thier practices they excavate a new level of low.:no:
  6. ekalbach

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    I had a great experiance at BH in Sanford, FL. They ordered by 2500 HD wth out a signature or anything. On arrival it was exactly what I ordered and the final cost was less than the order price. I can't say enough good things about the commercial folks at my local BH.
  7. MoBillyAla

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    Bill Heard Huntsville AL

    I bought my truck at the Huntsville AL, dealership. I told the guy as soon as I got there This is what I got, this is what I'll do, nothing else, don't waste my time...

    He showed me a equinnox(I specifically said Silverado ext cab), I told him I was leaving, he went back and talked to his managers and then showed me some Colorados, I told the guy thanks for wasting my time I was leaving, he followed me to my truck and asked me to wait one more time for him to talk to his manager

    I really wanted a Silverado so I said ok, he took me to some standard cabs stripped down bare as bones, I told him no, and where did he think I was gonna put my childs car seat? I saw my truck and told him "thats what I want, either that or I was going home.."

    To make long story short, they tried to give me payments close to $700 a month, I specifically said x amount and nothing more he went back and forth with his managers about 4 more times and never got close to "my" price I was really pissed by now and I told him screw this I told you not to waste my time, and got up to leave..Finally he got it to within $50 of my price so I said ok.

    2 days later they call me back tell me a long story about how the bank reneged on the financing(my credits not too bad about 650-700) and that they had to switch to someone else and the price went up on the monthly payments. I told them to F off I wanted my tundra back(and my grand am I also traded in). As soon as they told me the new loan went through a major bank that my bro-n-law is fairly high up in the loans dept I grabbed my cell to call him at work. He Jumped out of his chair yelling no no don't call him I'll go get the main finance manager. The main finance managerl ooked over the original contract and said they could "afford to lose half to one point" on my finance rate..
    so I walked out with the origianlly agreed upon payments.

    If you deal with Bill Heard be sure you know exactly what they can and can't do and really read that contract. There is a video of where they screwed up and sold a guy a truck too cheap and then after he traded his car and paid in full, they repo'ed the truck like a thief in the night.
  8. ChevyFan

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    WOW, this dealership certainly has a bad reputation. They've been fined up the wazzoo for their business practices.


    This second video explains thing more, it's a funny contact that they have people sign when doing financing, basically they loan you the vehicle until financing is approved. As a Dave Ramsey fan, these types of contacts are immoral and no one should sign one ever in their life.

  9. Springthing

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    How did your survey turn out? Get any response to it at all?
  10. crane3447

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    I bet the GM head office would love a phone call. With the way sales of picp-ups are down and the fact that they are letting people go, they may not like one of there dealers pissing off a customer. Its a buyers market right now.

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