Bilsteins and tire vibration

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by Trucking, Apr 11, 2013.

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    My truck is sensitive as hell to the slightest tire imbalance or runout, and I've just gone through a dozen to find 4 with acceptable RFV runout and it still has vibration nibbles here and there. Anyone here find that installing a Bilstein HD shock reduced perceived tire/road vibration? It's 2WD, 20" factory chrome wheels.
  2. j cat

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    if the wheels are in balance with speed vibs this could be a bent rim or a tire that has a bad belt/defect .

    shocks I have never heard or seen effected vibrations. I do have Bilsteins on all my vehicles.

    could also be the wheel bearings . the 2wd should ride very smooth .

    drive shafts should be checked for damage. [bent]
  3. phoebeisis

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    I have slightly more than stock Bilsteins on my 2wd 98 Suburban-good shocks improve high speed handling-wallow etc
    and maybe they would improve your vibration-
    but I agree with j-cat-something other than the tires is causing your problem.
    Who suggested you run thru 12 tires-NEW TIRES?? trying to dial out vibration?
    Bad from factory tires-bad as in causing vibration you can't balance out??
    Look for another reason-
    maybe switch wheel positions to see if the vibration will move around(assuming you can feel it coming from front or back-which can be tough to do)this could rule out a dinged wheel(course you already looked at the wheels)
    then do as J-cat suggests-look for other spinning things causing the problem
    Try to get a buddy to ride with you and see if he can tell if it is front vibration or back vibration
    When you are concentrating on driving-it is tough to really concen trate on the vibration location-he can ride in front-then in rear seats-get more than one person "feeling for it"
    Yeah-try to localize it before spending $$$!!
    You have ridden driven buddies trucks?? Your truck is definitely "different"
    Yeah-localize it before $$$
    Like finding a leak(water oil coolant)-PIT tail takes forever-but throw time and buddies at it before you throw $$ at it.(learned that over and over and over again-always the hard way-slow learner I guess)
  4. Pikey

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    I agree with the above. Your 2wd should run very smoothly. Shocks will not cover the vibration. You may want to consider a road force balance. I have been told by many people that it has solved their odd vibration issue. Like posted above, it could be a wheel bearing, a u joint, or a brake rotor issue.
  5. steved

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    Looks like he already did...

    If it was a 4wd 2500HD, then I would suspect frame beaming; but this is an oddity in a 2wd 1500...

    If you add a load of say 500#s to it, does it stop? What tires are you running specifically?
  6. Pikey

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    I did not see that part!
  7. j cat

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    reading your post this reminded me about a vib I figured out a long time ago it was a bent rear axle driverside.
  8. buckmeister2

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    I did not see anyone ask about the fact that he is riding on 20" rims, which require tires with very little sidewall, hence very little cushion for vibration. They may balance fine, and not cause the vibration, but while most of us think our trucks have no vibration from the road, it is only because of all the dampening and cushioning measures built into our trucks to elim vibration. Switching to 20's amplifies everything the road causes. I have not talked to anyone riding on 20' rims who says they have a really smooth ride.

    Just sayin'...
  9. Trucking

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    Yeah, I've covered all these bases mentioned here. The vibration is acceptable at this point but what a headache for the guys in the shop that spent all this time getting to this point. I mean, they had to find the absolute lowest RFV runout tires to make this truck's vibration go away. All of the tires they tried that wouldn't resolve my truck's vibration might work just fine on somebody else's truck. Bridgestone Dueller Alenza's, BTW. I am asking about the Bilstein HDs because I had installed a set on another car I have and they improved the ride and handling substantially, the improvement was really phenomenal.
  10. TimTom64b

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    where shocks really help is to reduce tire hop.... especially with larger/heavier tires.

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