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Discussion in 'Black Bear Performance' started by ameerica, Mar 17, 2009.

  1. Megasaurus

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    Who's this Justin guy? From the way the some people are fawning over him it's like he alone holds the key to unlocking the secret of performance and MPG for a guy's truck. :rofl:

    If you know him so well then why are you asking about him and his company?
  2. ChevyFan

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    What I want to know is why we get a post like this about black*bear every few weeks? They're all got similar text, similar questions, similar "facts" about how great the guy who runs the place and similar overall user history.

    It goes like this
    A user sign-up, posts a few times and then goes away. A few weeks later, they come back and post a bunch about black*bear tuning. These posts are usually done in the "Hey, what does everyone think about black*bear??". They also seem to go on and on how great this dude Justin is. They also provide very indepth product and service offerings, often highlighted and bolded, and talk about the great wonderful feedback that seems to be universal about this company.

    Take note - the font was cut and pasted
    This post I'm replying to right now clearly shows a different font in the first post than in the follow-ups. That usually means that it was a cut-and-paste job from something like Microsoft Word, because the font carried over!! The replies to this are in the standard GMTC system font.

    Makes me wonder if someone's looking for some free advertising?
  3. Springthing

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    ya, but at least normally we're able to pick them off easily enough with the subject.. "black bear group tune" ... lol Love that most of them are copy and paste.. makes them easy to spot.
  4. ameerica

    ameerica New Member


    Not to be a jerk Steve, but that seems a little rude of you to say to me. This is my first time joining a forum and I have not had that much experience talking to folks online who i do not know. i know you are a pretty big deal to this site, and i don't want you thinking i'm some robot, or one of those people that work for black bear trying to get the word out about the company. I think i may have made myself look like an ass without me knowing. i just don't understand how you could think that i am just posting all this basically for another reason besides the one i am presenting.

    I live in oregon city, i am a full time engineering student at PSU, i don't have a lot of money to spend on expensive mods for my truck, so yesss, i did look in depth about reprogramming my ECU. i read a LOT of feedback from the customers that have gone through that company. but in no way do i know about any of his work, or him, or how the company runs personally. you guys all seem like you know a lot, and i signed up months ago looking for help with my truck-- you guys answered so many questions just from all the threads that were posted.

    It's just weird that you seem to be really upset about this situation, and i udnerstand, i wouldn't want a poser, or fraud on my forum either. BUT, i am on a mac computer at the college, and i had a little more time today to respond to all the replies the users gave me-- i changed the font face, maybe the size and possibly even through in some bold... but copy and pasting from MS word? i am a trust worthy person, and i think maybe before you accuse me of being a fake you could have PM'd me to talk to me personally.

    I just get overly excited sometimes when i find something new out, about my truck/quad/or any other toy for that matter, that i haven't heard about before. i wrote down as much as i knew, pulled information off the black bear website, and from customers who talked about their tune online. i just thought i would get some feed back from all the educated GM guys on here, and hopefully find someone who has either personally gotten a tune from this guy, or heard anything about it. i signed up for this forum becasue it seemed like a tight friendly community...

    and it's weird--- i've read a ton of threads on each of the many different categories and all of your replies seem to be nice, formal, and informative... you've never been accusive, or rude or anything... i just don't see how you suspect all these things from me... especially since i'm a new user-- maybe just trying to impress some of the guys on here to give me some helpful tips with my truck.

    oh and the cut and paste thing is a weird situation because i ALWAYS copy my writing down before i click the 'submit reply' button because of issues, like today, i've had in the past where i would somehow get logged off and be unable to post until i signed in, by then all the stuff i wrote down, or replied to is gone. copying my stuff is just a back up. also, my thread reply box offers FULL rich-text editing, which allows me to change
    the font size, the color, and many other features... so what if i choose to like 'Arial' font over the typical one? and what's the big deal if i did highlight, or bold certain words? this is for the reader to jump ahead in the message to find something that's important, which is good for most because i can go on and on with useless typing and information... which is probably what most of the users think i am doing now... i'm done then.
  5. ameerica

    ameerica New Member

    Thank you man, i didn't think i looked suspicious at all, nor was a trying to promote the company either... maybe i just came off too strong. i just want to know all the facts before i spend my time and money on something.

    Oh and thanks for the help too, your PM was very nice, and i think i got the hang of it, photos uploaded, signature looks decent, BUT my photo i tried attaching to the sig. didn't work? i think it needed to be smaller than like 19kb or under 500x200? but A LOT of other people, like steve, have huge photos there..? i wonder if i can add an html link to a photobucket picture there? i'll give it a try.!
  6. ameerica

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    i don't know him at all, never talked to him, or seen him, or met him. not sure why you would think i know so much about him. i've just read about him the past couple of days since i've been looking at getting my PCM tuned. all i did was type silverado custom tune in google, and black bear popped up in a ton of forums, including this one. so i started doing research... you can't blame me-- if you were going to buy a house, a car, a woman you'd want to look under the hood to make sure the goods are in working order? that is the same way i am with my truck. i don't want to get something installed if it is going to make my truck preform worse than it did before, right? whats better than finding out information about the company and the person who is doing the work?

    i just wanted verification and some clarity on all this, i'm just learning about it and want some backup from real people who have gone through this already.
  7. ChevyFan

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    You know what's crazy? Go to Google and type in "Chevy Truck Custom Tune" and this very thread, after just a couple of days, is #1.


    Ok, all I know is that I've had to ban like 10 people in the last 6 months for just posting over and over about black*bear, and they all seem to look alike. Maybe this guy is a master marketer/communicator and has figured out how to influence people, but I can't turn the site over to 3rd party vendors to post all the time about their own stuff, it breaks down everything I'm trying to do here, I've been running the site for five years and I didn't get to the very top of the search engines by playing games and letting people do whatever they want to do here.
  8. ChevyFan

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    I'm not upset, and I'm also not going to continue on with the thred subject called "feelings" either.... Sorry, I actually never accused you of anything, I was merely making an observation.
  9. ameerica

    ameerica New Member

    I just don't want to upset you, or offend you. this is your forum. so basically you are the man. i will just have to try to change your mind and observation.
  10. ChevyFan

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    {sigh} ... go to Google and type in "Black Bear Custom Tune" and this thread shows up #3.

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