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Discussion in 'Black Bear Performance' started by Rockstarrchevy81, May 17, 2011.

  1. Rockstarrchevy81

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    I'm thinking about buying and getting a Black Bear custom Tune for my 2008 silverado 5.3 V8 very soon after i install the long tube headers and x pipe. I contacted Black Bear today through email and waiting for a reply back soon. My friend mentioned them to me because he's about to get one on his stock 2010 Silverado 5.3 and i was curious. I got to reading and it sounds like it would be allot better than a regular tuner from offline. You can tell them what you would like done to the tuner based on how you drive and how you want the spec's to be. I emailed them telling them i would like to purchase the most exspensive tune they off with the best HP and Torque gain's and also you can ride around while you tune your truck on your laptop and send it in to Black Bear and they will give you exactly what you want sounds like it couldn't get any better than that!!!:happy:
  2. clgoch187

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    its not a "tuner" that can be played with or shut off, its a custom tune that is reprogrammed into your stock if your planning on constantly adding to your truck, or playing with your tune id get a DSP or the new Trinity
  3. dsfloyd

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    the custom tunes are the best and best done when you are finished witht the mods, but some offer free or discounted updates when you make additional modifications. check out Heavy Chevy had a custom tune by them and raved about it. he said they did 3 custom tunes based on what he wanted (economy, performance, and tow) and they put it on an SCT handheld, plus 3 tunes is better than 1 (they also do ecm and pcm tunes) their site also says free updates for life, prices seem good too. I may be dumb but their site isnt the easiest to navigate but you might check with them (email or call). oh yeah blackbear has always gotten good reviews as well on here. If I remember right you can also pay like a an extra 100 (blackbear) bucks for a spare pcm that way you have a tuned one and your stock one (good for going in to the dealership).
  4. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Yeah well CLGOCH187 i was wanting to get a custom tune they are way better than diablo sport's and such like that and i know it's for a fact from online and friends and people on here also. I want to do all my upgrade's to the motor and exhaust first before i do the custom tune and keep the tune and will be a beast ha. They will email me back in a few day's they are outta office right now doing custom tunes for others.
  5. ippielb

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    BlackBear Performance uses the tuner "EFI Live", i also have the same software, but I'm no expert by no means! No handheld device can match the outcome of the custom tune. Handhelds are grey, they are all the same specified tune no matter what you have done to your truck, how many miles, the condition of it or anything. A custom tune is unique to your vehicle(if supplied with a log).

    Here's what a map looked like for my truck ( just simplified to two digits ). That i tuned.


    It determines the kpa inside your intake manifold at certain rpm's to determine the VE table of your tune.


    Once you put that data into your VE table it will change drastically with your mods you have done. My truck was running rich, as you can tell with the increase in the units it's going to be getting more air, now, this is just what it looks like, the final product will be smoothed out and the cells you couldn't hit in your driving log will be manually blended.

    Here's what mine looked like finished.

    As you can tell there was a huge change in the mid range of the table. You're probably wondering why everything goes flat around 6400rpm, that's the o2 senors, narrow band(stock) o2 sensors cannot read higher throttles and rpm's. Wideband o2 sensors on the other hand can read higher RPM's to finish the table.

    In other words, hand held tuners, may be convenient and easy. But if you get a custom tune, you'll be more then happy with it.

    On a side note, there's things called DSP switches put into your ECU. They are basically a toggle switch with different programed tunes. So just flip the switch and you have a different tune. It's very common with duramax's. It's used for having Economy tune for MPG, Towing tune, quarter mile tune, smoke tune, ect.
  6. Rockstarrchevy81

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    Damn man really good info about how uch did you pay for your tune all together?
  7. clgoch187

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    hey im not trying to sell you on any product or dealer here, im just saying unless your looking for a 1 and done tune your better off with a handheld tuner (atleast till your mods are all completed). but on the other hand if you are ready for a custom tune and know what you want, a reflashed pcm is the way to go. its all up to you, but its best to do a little research and know what you want as well as what each option offers......that way you get what you want and arent disapointed with your purchase
  8. Rockstarrchevy81

    Rockstarrchevy81 Rockstar 3 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    Yeah CLGOCH187 man i'm doing my reasearch now and taking my time with everything and doing one mod at a time right now and want to know allot from BLackBear Custom Tune to know exactly what i want and will let them know soon as i get all my mod's before the custom tune. I will make sure i do everything before i get a custom tune so that it will be at it's full potential. Also BlackBear custom tunes they keep a extra PCM incase you need to do some change's and can change whatever you want while you have your truck for FREE!! The only thing you pay for is the shipping man to me this is a Badass deal but sure it will cost good money but if you do all your mod's like you want to and forget a few things u can always go back and change your settings to put it at full potential for no extra cost!
  9. dsfloyd

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  10. silveradotrailblazer

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    Theres Blackbear, Wait4me, PCM4less, NelsonPerformance, WestersGarage ( GM consults with this guy) FasterProms (this guys dad tuned my '90 Iroc Camero back in 1990, he grow up with this stuff) and any Diablo custom tune dealer. Shop around and go with who YOU fell good with.

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