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Discussion in 'Black Bear Performance' started by .justin., Jun 18, 2009.

  1. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    Black Bear Performance is now a sponsor of!

    What we offer
    Black Bear Performance offers mail order tuning for you GM Truck or SUV with a twist. Every vehicle performs slightly different and we realize that a standard cookie-cutter tune won't always work well for everybody. As a result of that realization, with every tune we provide the opportunity to loan you the necessary hardware and software for you to connect to your vehicles computer and record sensor data while you drive. By returning that data to us, we are able to analyze it and provide you with a tuned PCM that will conform to your vehicles specific needs. In addition, this hardware will allow you to quickly perform the common "crank relearn" procedure yourself in a matter of seconds, potentially saving the cost of an hour's worth of labor from a dealer or private shop.

    We also offer "traditional" mail order tuning as well for a much quicker turnaround.

    - Traditional (mail-order) $200
    - In-person $250
    - Cable Tune $300 (*cable deposit required)
    *Fully Refundable pending prompt return.

    We offer an active Military discount and also extend this discount to Law Enforcement and First Responders. Please inquire for more details.

    Group/Meet Pricing and Policies
    We encourage individuals to organize "Live Tune" (in-person) events around the country, as well as request our participation in meets and get-togethers. In consideration of the efforts on the part of the organizers we will offer those individuals a discounted rate. Please inquire for more details.

    Additional Products/Services
    We sell harnesses that allow you to upgrade your 99-04 GM Truck or SUV's cooling system from a clutch fan to a computer controlled electric fan setup that. (Programming and fans required).

    Additionally, we are also EFILive tuning software and Magnacharger supercharger dealers.

    Contacting Us
    Please check out our website,, for the FAQs.
    For further questions please feel free to please contact me by email at

    Thank you,
    Black Bear Performance, Inc
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  2. Springthing

    Springthing New Member

    Welcome to the GMTC, Justin! Glad to have you hear. Look forward to reading your posts and learning from you.
  3. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

    Yes, welcome to the club!. What kind of discounts for first responders does blackbear offer?
  4. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    The discount is approximately 15% off of the tune service (we'll round down in your favor). :great:
  5. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

  6. 04SilverChevy

    04SilverChevy New Member

    Any time you guys coming to PA?
  7. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    We're looking at a tuning meet in Northern NJ on August 22nd-23rd (I believe). Is that close to you?

  8. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

    How about CT?
  9. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    We don't have anything planned in that area, but if you'd like to be an organizer to try and stir up some interest, you'd receive a discounted tune as a result.

  10. Darknesss23

    Darknesss23 New Member

    blackbear tunes any vehicle or specific ones? and they'll show up to the events to do on the spot tuning?
  11. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    Yes, I show up and do the tuning on location. We can tune quite a few different types of vehicles, although GM trucks and SUVs are our specialty.
  12. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy Moderator Staff Member

    Are ya'll able to tune PCMs for the Older 80s bodystyle OBDI computers? My suburban's motor could use a little adjustment, but I don't think there's a ton of adjusting available to my truck. Probably TBI injector timing is all :neutral:
  13. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    Not at the moment, I'm not, sorry. Quite a bit can be had be optimized ignition timing with the Gen-I TBI engines though.
  14. 5point3

    5point3 New Member

    Welcome to the site, where in Jersey are you going to be?
  15. 04SilverChevy

    04SilverChevy New Member

    Yea NJ will still be too far outta the way. I have a pretty tight schedule most of the time. I'll just check every once in awhile and see if y'all are close to me.
  16. 97chevz71

    97chevz71 New Member

    Do you have anything for a 97 silverado with a 350.
  17. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    I think it's being scheduled for Bridgewater...
  18. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    There's a real good chance I'll be at the Carlisle All Truck Nationals on Saturday in early August with the FSC crew.

  19. .justin.

    .justin. New Member

    Absolutely do. The L31 engines have some good gains to be had.
  20. cascott325

    cascott325 New Member

    welcome to the club. glad to have another good vendor

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