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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Robinson76, May 15, 2008.

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  1. Robinson76

    Robinson76 New Member

    Hey guys
    I'm in the market right now for a black powdercoated billet grille
    I can't find it online anywhere..has anyone found it for the new bodies yet?

    Please let me know of any websites
  2. AllBlkdOut07

    AllBlkdOut07 New Member 100 Posts

    Not sure if one exists.. I think there is one that has the flat billet inserts in black, but I heard they chip easy, afermarket powdercoat is usually worth crap, doubt they prep the surface right, or cure the powder enough.

    Just get billet inserts and have them black powdercoated..that's what I did, and have our grille painted black to match.
  3. Nosup4u

    Nosup4u New Member

    menards has home powder coating kits that work awsome. all you need is the kit and an oven. i powder coated the rims(and a few other things) on my old crotch rocket and they looked awsome and no chips. ill be doing my new one as well
  4. Nosup4u

    Nosup4u New Member

  5. AllBlkdOut07

    AllBlkdOut07 New Member 100 Posts

    Yeah, just make sure you don't cook in the same oven that you bake your powdercoating in...
  6. Nosup4u

    Nosup4u New Member

    lol true. i guess thats the only thing good about the ol lady never cookin for me
  7. TXGrayGhost

    TXGrayGhost New Member

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