Black bowtie and tint taillights

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by Mmarrocco, Jun 4, 2008.

  1. Mmarrocco

    Mmarrocco New Member

    I painted the the bowtie black and it looks great. Now all i need is a billet grille and then paint that black to match it and I'm thinking about smoking the taillights with film tint. I was wondering if anyone has ever done any of these ideas yet? If so, provide some tips and some pics.
  2. 383man

    383man Epic Member 5+ Years 500 Posts ROTM Winner

    I'm gonna be blacking out my ties this weekend, can't wait. as far as the taillights go, tell me how it went when you do it, i want to do the same, just don't know how it would turn out
  3. raiderman8112

    raiderman8112 Rockstar

    a couple of my buddies have bought a spray on tint from auto zone that works pretty well, i dont know what its called but i know the scuffed up their tail lights, sprayed it on and wet sanded it and it looked great.
  4. Mmarrocco

    Mmarrocco New Member

    yeah i heard people spray this like night shade tint spray stuff on their lights and it does look good. i want to try film tint cause my buddy has it on his titan and it looks cool.
  5. playa6tnine

    playa6tnine New Member

    ^i've done tinted tails on several of my cars, and i would not recommend the film overlays. the quality is night and day difference between film overlay and spray on. however, spray on is only good if its done right.

    i would recommend they do quailty work, and on average charge about $80 to do a pair of taillights to the darkness of your liking. the site describes the process they use. and they also have a fast turn around time, so your not stuck without taillights for a long time.

    (not my truck):

  6. 4gstarion

    4gstarion Member

    i have a 01 suburban i smoked my taillight and 3rd brake light and front turn signals and the bowtie and have a billet grill and H.I.D.S (xenon) bulbs 8k and it looks rly good try the vht night shade from auto zone and then let them dry wait about 4 days and buff and polish them and omg look rly good
  7. 62930-03

    62930-03 Rockstar

    I just checked the sight and it was around $230 +/- plus shipping for tail lights for a 03-06 silverado.
    Where are you finding them for around $80 ?
  8. Ryancbennett

    Ryancbennett New Member

  9. brownpridex111

    brownpridex111 Rockstar 100 Posts

    I mosk my taillights 3rd brake light myself firs sand the lights use black spay paint if they get to dark sand them then use the clear coat i spend like 20
  10. Tater

    Tater Member

    This is probably an easy question, but what kinda paint did you use for bow tie and how did you go about it? had a friend do his and it looks like s**t, everyone feel free to suggest other ideas also! Thanks ya'l

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