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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by jlowe165, Apr 23, 2012.

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    Where can I find a black painted grill for my 2007 Chevy VortecMax? It came with painted bumper, but the only chrome on it was the grill and rear bumper. I added some billet pieces but I'd like to do a black grill with aluminum grill inserts and a polished billet bow tie emblem. Any ideas? 72982_608205864143_73201125_32043209_1204000202_n.jpg
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    Check your local dealer, that is where I got mine. The S&H is so much online that it costs the same. Just call a couple dealers and get them to outbid each other.

    I thought all the trucks with the bumper covers came with the painted grilles. I'm looking to black out my bumpers.
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    If ou know someone with any airbrush skills and some good paint, it can be done in your garage. Of course, with adaquete ventilation.
    I just did mine today in house of kolor fire orange kandy.
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    here is a site that you can get it from. Exact match for your year make and model, but it's nearly $300. I was going to get mine painted but im debating on getting this or not because I don't want the paint to peel/chip if i have it blasted then painted. I cant make up my mind lol.
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    As long as its prepped correctly and has the correct foundation for paint (catalyzed primer) and is finished with catalyzed clear, I wouldnt worry too much about peeling issues.
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    Looks 10000 times better!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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