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  1. bignate2586

    bignate2586 New Member

    I am looking to buy black housing headlights, not tinted. I am looking at the IPCW black housing headlights, I was wondering if anyone has pictures of these installed/working or any other black housing headlights and link with some good prices. Thanks for any help.

    I am looking at projector headlights only.
  2. chris8408

    chris8408 New Member

  3. chris8408

    chris8408 New Member

    hey hows it going, i replied to your post yesterday with pictures, but i dont know how long it'll take for the admin to approve the post, so rather than keep you waiting, i uploaded and created an album with my black headlights.

    i have these:

    Good price and i love they way they look, they arent too flashy and dont make the truck look like an oversized european sports car lol. are you a cadet, just live there, or military stationed up in west point? just curious bc i was an '08 grad
  4. bignate2586

    bignate2586 New Member

    hey thanx buti like the projector look i believe,

    no I dont go here, I got stationed up here after my last deployment. I am here till who knows when or i re-enlist
  5. chris8408

    chris8408 New Member

    no problem, if you go the projector route be sure to post some pix, ive been eyeing those style lights for a little while now and would be interested to see how they look with the black housing and not smoked.

    Well enjoy the point lol, i hear its nice when you arent actually a cadet

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