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    I've noticed that the Black Matte Paint finish has become pretty popular the last few years. Styles come and go in the auto world (and in other parts of life), in the 50's it was all fins and chrome for example. The Matte Paint finish has definately gained mainstream acceptance as Detroit, Asia and European automakers including GM, Ford and even Rolls-Royce have done concepts that contain at least some matte finish.

    How do I get a Matte Paint job?
    When we talk about getting a Matte Paint Job, we're really talking about the finish applied to the paint. Hate to make it sound so simple, but ultimately that's what it boils down to. Paint finishes range from having no sheen at all (Flat/Matte) to having a very higly glossy finish (Gloss/High Gloss). It all has to do with the amount of light reflected on the outerpaint surface, typically a clear coat.

    While not putting a clear coat on at all will leave your paint much more vunerable, you can address this by adding a flattner to the paint/finish and control the amount of sheen with the amount of hardener added. Most all automotive painters/supply houses can help you with this process (or do it for you).

    The result is dramatic!
    There is no difference between the look of a high-glossy clear-coat vehicle and a matte finished one.

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