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Discussion in 'Photo & Video Gallery' started by MAsZ71, Oct 5, 2009.

  1. Skrill3x

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    IMG_0972.jpg IMG_0974.jpg IMG_0973.jpg IMG_0971.jpg IMG_0964.jpg

    I'm only 18 so give me some slack on it not being incredible like all of yours!
    I have an 02 Ext Cab 4x4 z71 Silverado with 170K kilometers 5.3L vortec!
    This is not fresh washed, just found this forum and seen some dope trucks and signed up and wiped it down and this is the outcome!

    Mods in:
    Custom dual magnaflow exhaust
    Dual 10" Kicker CVR Subs
    4x Type S speakers
    RE Audio Mono amp
    RE Audio 4 Channel Amp
    Power acoustic Capacitor
    HID Kit and interior LED's ordered !
    Weather Tech Mats
    Viper Car Alarm

    Mods wanted:
    LED turn signal bar for underneath tailgate
    Need help on deciding whether to get Nightshade, lamp covers or LED Tail lights pre blacked out.
    Leveling kit<- Need suggestions
    Rims & Tires <- need suggestions
    Blacked out grill with black bowtie symbol <-help?
    Might get a black toolbox if I can find one, good names?
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  2. Natedog

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    Tell me what you think.
    my truck.jpg
    truck in pa.jpg
    my truck 2.jpg
  3. Corso

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    My 2000 Silverado LT Z71. The interior is black and the motor is a 5.3. I am the original owner and she is my BABY! She currently has 218K miles. I run these wheels/tires in the spring and summer and put the stock wheels w/ BFG All Terrains in the winter months. On the outside I have swapped the factory chrome bumpers and grille for black replacements. I tinted the windows and added a fiberglass tonneau cover. The bed has a carpet bed liner. Other than that she is all stock.

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  4. Red Z71 Max

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    That boat is AWESOME!!!!!!
  5. Corso

    Corso Rockstar

    ^^^^^^^Thank you, kind sir. :glasses:
  6. Sneaky

    Sneaky New Member

    Hi, I saw this thread and I have a black truck I figure why not show it off. :p

    It is a 1992 Chevrolet K1500 Cheyenne.

  7. Mark's Pa

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    2006 and 2007 RST Conversions

    RST's for Two - Cropped.jpg Twin RST's.jpg
    2006 and 2007 RST Conversions
  8. Red Z71 Max

    Red Z71 Max Rockstar 4 Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

  9. JnBama

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    001.jpg 002.jpg Owned a few months and will upgrade when I can, Bug shield, bed rail protectors and mat, top half chrome mirror covers, K&N air filter maybe CAI and exhaust later Would like a lift kit ,tires and rims but thats a big maybe
  10. Red Z71 Max

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    It looks very nice. You don't see many Silverado's with a full chrome front bumper unless its a 2500 series>

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