Blacked out grille bowtie and chrome rear bowtie

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  1. New to the forum, just got a 2011 crew cab this past Jan. (traded in my 08 ext cab). I plan on going with the black and chrome look for this truck. I ended up reading every DIY post on black bowties. So I finally decided to do mine to see how it would come out and it wasn’t bad at all... So then I attacked the rear bowtie But instead of taking the whole emblem off I just took the top bow tie out (used fishing line) and decided to keep it chrome. id post some pics but i have no service to email the photos to myself will do later.

    love the forum BTW.

    any Suggestions on chrome handle kits? And good websites to order from?...
  2. hammsfamms

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    Hope to see some pics; I'm also going for a black and chrome look on my 1997 C1500. Check it out before:

    and after:

    good luck with yours can't wait to see some pics
  3. here are some pics... sorry no step by step pics.


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  4. Bigbomber

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    They look awesome!!,great job!
  5. ajarman

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    Job well done Sir!
  6. black03silverado

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    very cool great job!!!
  7. silveradotrailblazer

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    Very nice, Sir!!
  8. dadngt

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    On my dads 07 Silverado the gold colored cover on his tailgate bowtie fell off somewhere while driving, but not just looks like he has a chrome bowtie. lol I'm thinking of pulling mine off for a color change that I haven't seen yet will post pics when it gets done.

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