Blaise-Alexander Chevy.....Shockingly poor service!

Discussion in 'Car Dealer Reviews' started by adampaul1964, Aug 31, 2013.

  1. adampaul1964

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    Over the past year my truck had been suffering from an intermittent overheating issue. Driving along and the temperature gauge would climb and peg itself and then just as suddenly drop back down to normal. Me being the procrastinator that I am I basically just ignored it since it only happened once or twice a month. I briefly mentioned it to a friend of mine who is the service manager at another dealer and he suggested that maybe the thermostat was sticking. This made sense since it had never been changed and it was also the simplest thing to try. Swapped out the t-stat at home and afterwards the truck wouldn't cool at all. So I'm thinking must be a flow issue, I called my friend and said I would be bringing it over in the morning. Next morning, cold and snowy, I couldn't drive more than a mile without it overheating to the point of reduced engine power. My friends dealership was over 20 miles away so I limped it the 2 miles to the local dealer, Blaise-Alexander Chevy, formerly Hicks Chevrolet of Greencastle PA, which is where I bought the truck incidentally. Told them the issue and went home thinking maybe I'd be springing for a new water pump or radiator. Get a call some 6 or 7 hours later and the service manager says " Hi Mr. Hudson, your head gaskets are blown and you need a new engine" I reply "Er.... what?" So he proceeds to tell me that they tested it and exhaust gases are getting in to the coolant and they don't change head gaskets anymore as it is too costly in labor, they just put in a new engine.I go back in and he offered me a G.M. crate for $3800, a Jasper for $2800, a local knock off "Jasper" for $2100 or a salvage yard motor with 118,000 miles for $1800. At this point I'm looking at him with my mouth hanging open thinking WTF! So he then takes me back into the service area to "show" me the test they did. They put the bottle of blue fluid on the coolant reservoir and pressurized it and with the engine running I waited for it to turn yellow. After 5 minutes it was still the color of blue mouthwash I looked at him and said "well?". He said "It turned yellow this morning". At this point I say "Give me my keys. How much do I owe?" I drive the truck home, overheated twice in 4 miles, and the next morning had it roll-backed to my friends dealership, Hoffman Chevrolet in Hagerstown MD. He and I went to high school together so I trust him implicitly with my vehicles. They checked it out, pressure tested each cylinder, put on a new water pump ( at my request since it's at 130,00 miles) and after the second test found the bottom half of the radiator was clogged. $400 or so and I'm back in business! So I highly recommend,

    1. Don't go to Blaise-Alexander!
    2. DO go to Hoffman Chevrolet!
    3. Get a preventative coolant flush!

    The funny thing was, my friend said "What were they going to do after they put in the new engine and it was still overheating?"
  2. BurbanMan

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    I would ask the same damn question?! What would they do?! My best guess. Not a thing....
  3. ChevyBoy2009

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    I would go into THAT dealership and kick some A$$...i would be furious for even mentioning that to me
  4. phoebeisis

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    What a CS bunch of MoFoes
    But fairly typical for dealership service depts
    Absolute thieves
    AND the new engine-wouldn't have FIXED the problem
    so you would have been out $$$$-and still had an overheating engine!!
    Toyota MoFos tried the same crap on me when we brought it in for a Bad Inverter coolant pump-something covered on a service bulletin extended WARRANTY DEAL- so Toyota corp was footing the bill
    meaning they couldn't CHEAT Toyota-and overcharge-so they AIMED for me
    Some stupid female service writer-on THIS free repair-wanted me to fork over $1200
    $400 for 2 tires-f-that
    $400 for the "regular water pump" which she claimed was leaking-BS of course since it is just down 8 ounces in 30 months
    $400 for who knows what BS
    Needless to say I said NO you rip off bit$#

    Same thing happened 10 years before at a Honda dealer-claimed brake pads were dangerously thin-
    took it home-looked-probably 10mm left

    Yeah this is almost SOP at MOST dealers
    so I'm stuck DIY -but I'm cheap and have plenty of time-so..

    This crap drives me CRAZY!
    Glad you told them-NO-
    make sure you put their name out on EVERY FORUM
    HONDA TOYOTA same story in my experience. Lotta thieves-and they don't even fix the original problem!!
    Shoot-you are lucky they didn't pull a gun on you-jack you up!!
  5. tbplus10

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    Good thing you took it to another dealer, unfortunately many consumers that arent as wise about auto repairs wouldve spent money they didnt have or couldnt afford on a replacement engine. Dealerships not only have quotas on car sales they also have margins to make on service, with longer warranties these margins are getting harder to make because warranty work only pays a set amount that leaves a gap in the margins vs vehicles repaired. Flat rate work doesnt keep the lights on and doors open.

    99'HEARTBEAT MODERATOR Staff Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    WOW!!!......Adam That's Unreal.....2-Thumbs-Up To You for Not Taking the Word of this Idiot of Service Mgr that said...."your head gaskets are blown and you need a new engine".....and then taking your truck, and getting a 2nd opinion from..."my friends dealership" to what causing the over-heating issue.....and finding out what was causing this Overheating Issue, and Fixing it.

    Now.....I can only Imagine, how many other Customer's who have taken their vehicles in to this Dealership, who don't have any understanding of the inner workings of their Vehicle, and/or the Problem it is having, and this Service Mgr. Tells them....that this is what is Wrong with your Vehicle, and its going to Cost X Amount of Dollars to Fix it....and they get their Vehicles Back, and find that the Money they put out.....Did Not Fix the Problem!!!
  7. silverhobey

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    We are fortunate enough go have a great Chevrolet dealer where we are in Cobourg, Ontario., Canada. And they always show us problems and tell us the ins and outs.....400 bucks now seems like an honest over heating fix.....will you pursue that Blaise place to complian??
  8. adampaul1964

    adampaul1964 Epic Member 5+ Years ROTM Winner 1000 Posts

    I thought about going back in to complain, but I figured it would be a waste of breath. When we were shopping for my wife's Acadia I made a point of not giving them my business.

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