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    my 98 K1500 sub has been a pain to bleed. I replaced the rotors, the pads, rear wheel cylinders and shoes. Flushed through all the old (drained most first) brake fluid. Not getting air anywhere anymore; but still very soft- they stop but I expected serious brakes after that.

    What is the prob with these? Anyone else figure them out? I did open the rear lines at the wheel cylinder to replace them; but like I said they have been bled and then some- yes with
    bottles of fluid.
    Help if you can, I'm going dopey trying to figure it out.

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    Soft pedal?

    Ok a few things you can try.

    Are you doing a gravity bleed? A partner doing the pump, bleed, hold, routine? A pressurized one man bleeder? If you are using a small hand held Mighty Vac put it away.

    Are you sure the rear cylinders are sealed and not leaking?

    Forget the opposite corner rotation if you are bleeding the whole system. When I do my track car and completely bleed it out. I raise the rear and do the rear pair first. Hook up a Motive power bleeder and just push the fluid out until it is clear. Then I have person pump the pedal a few times for each rear wheel so I get some feedback on the pedal firming up. Then drop rear. Raise front and repeat. Just make sure you don't let the reservoir run out if you are doing it manually.

    Then go drive the vehicle. Bed in your new pads and rotors. Let the vehicle cool down. After a couple of hours I go drive it hard to make sure it is all tight and firm pedal. I will push the car into ABS on purpose to cycle the ABS unit.

    If the pedal is still soft. Manually bleed the system using the standard rotation method for that vehicle. At this point your fluid is clean so don't waste it. Just recycle it back to the bottle.

    If none of that works then you may have air in the ABS unit itself. If that's the case you are pretty much stuck paying the Chevy dealer to do a Tech II bleed. That scanner cycles the ABS relays while they run a full system bleed.

    Good luck.

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