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    Hello to all.. I've got a problem with the blend door hanging on the air diverter valve. The rod that controls the blend door, travels to the air diverter valve ,and is held in place by a plastic clip. The puzzling thing of it is that the air diverter will rotate freely to one side of the plenum to the other, and the air pressure from the fan pushes the diverter in front of the blend door to obstruct the blend doors travel. I've called the dealer to ask if they see in their parts book of anything that limits the air diverter's travel and they say no, that the air diverter is adjusted on top of the plenum with the rod that connects to the plastic clip. But if the diverter is not snug on the rod that the blend door operates then it can't be adjusted. If anyone has any insight to this I would be very grateful.

    1989 Chevy Suburban
    5.7 L

    Thanks Again
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    Vacuum leak, if you have a vacuum gauge check to see, if not they are fairly cheap at most parts stores.

    If not pull the hose off and hold it on your thumb, you may be able to feel if it’s not right.

    Unless of course it’s electric.

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