Blinker OverHeating... HELP!!

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by 7itanium, May 31, 2009.

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    I got a 1995 Chevy 3/4 ton pickup... the blinkers do not work

    I replaced the bulbs.. and the flasher/relay for both the hazards and the blinkers.

    I discovered a blown fuze.... so I replaced the fuze and now when I turn the key on the blinkers work-- but the fuze gets very hot and I start to smell a burning plastic smell coming from around my heater/ac controls

    I have already replaced the relay.. and even tried the old one again and it does the same thing... where is the short? what else is on that circuit?
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    Sounds like you've got a short somewhere in the cab. Going to have to start rooting around under the dash and try to find it. You could pull the column apart and pull the multifunction switch (blinkers, wipers, etc). It connects to the firewall with one or two connectors. That's the most likely area I would thinks. It's not a fun job. I watched a mechanic who had done it several times change mine. Took him an hour. There's screws in the bottom half of the column trim holding it to the top, and you will need to remove the knee panel. Once you get it out, look for damaged or melted insulation on the wiring.
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    well.. I figured out the problem lol

    I was going through it more today.. and first of all I realized that my left taillight was not wired correctly-- someone had jerry rigged it to work with a bulb harness out of an older chev... so I replaced that, but it wasnt the problem

    I kept messing with it and testing it.. and it eventually started smoking from beneath the steering column

    Upon further investigation--

    There is a module under the steering wheel, that activated the safety feature that will not allow you to put your vehicle in gear unless the brake is applied... well apparently there was a short in that unit.. because I discovered that it begins to smoke as soon as I turn the key on when the blinker fuze is in place... but when you apply the brake.. it STOPS!!

    so all I did was cut the positive wire that goes to that unit... and my problem is fixed

    the blinkers now work fine.. all the wiring is done properly

    the only thing is that I am able to put my truck in gear without hitting the brake.. but I put the brake down as a habit anyway-- so I really dont see the need to buy a new one at the moment.. maybe if I sell it I will replace it first.. but other than that its really not needed
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    BTW thanks for the help

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