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    so like the title says i have a blinker problem. but i cant really figure out where the problem is. the issue is random at best. here it is. my right rear blinker doesnt work sometimes. there is nothing that sets it off. sometimes it will work and sometimes it wont work. now sometimes when its working it will just stop working. times when its not working it will start working. so when i first noticed it i pulled the light out and it was fine. looked at the connection and wire and it was fine. so i thought when i was driving i would try to see if it was in the switch. couldnt move it around anyway to start or stop it from working not working. all the fuses are good so im thinking it might be a ground problem somewhere. the first time i noticed it was in the rain so i just said ok its wet and old probably the issue. but when it had been dry for a few days it was still doing it. so i got really lost then and still lost. where can i look or what can i do. i HATE taking it to a mechanic so please help.
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    hi i think i would try grounding it frist. make shore it has a good ground. hope this helps. ralph

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