Blizzak tires, snow tires need advice.

Discussion in 'Chevy Suburban Forum (GMC Yukon XL)' started by EdPDX, Dec 11, 2007.

  1. EdPDX

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    I talked to the fellow at the tire shop. He advised that I should keep the 20" Milanni wheels for non-winter driving. Said that I should buy a set of rims -stock off a blazer or Suburban, and fit them with 245/75 R16 snow tread with studs. I was thinking about the Blizzaks; but I don't find them in that size for WS-60 Blizzak. Can I go to a narrower tire with a stock Blazer rim?

  2. FireRed

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    I have run Blizzaks they are a great tire just a very soft compound, not sure what years Blazer you have but many of the older models have narrower rims. Putting a narrow tire on a wide rim is tough on the side walls. My 97 Sub rims are quite a bit smaller then my 02 Sub rims, you should be able to fins similar ones to fit yours.

  3. EdPDX

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    Sorry I didn't mention what kind of vehicle I asking about. I was inquiring for my 98 GMC Suburban K1500. The rims at Les Schwab that came off a Blazer I think, were to be fitted with 245/75 16. I just thought that if I went with a narrower tire I might have more mchoices.

  4. homer911

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    you can also run 265-75-16. i just bought a set of Kelly winterfires for my s-10 and they are nice a little noisy on the freeway though. But what u want for a snow tire.

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