Blower motor drawing too much power - 2007 Classic Silverado

Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Talk & GM News' started by user71, Jan 8, 2014.

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    Hi, I've been battling with burned up blower motor resistors, wiring, and motors themselves for about 3 years on my 2007 1500 classic Silverado. Everyone keeps thinking the motor is drawing too much power causing the wiring or resistor to burn out so I keep putting in new motors. Been almost a year since I replaced all three items at once, but looks like its on the way out again. What I noticed today is this - if the fan is on a higher setting and I slide the heat control from cold to hot, I can hear the fan speed up, like its laboring. The flow from the vent drops a bit too. I am sure that is putting more amps through the wires. Could the heater core be plugged (externally)? Or snow packed in the system somewhere? Vent is fairly clear under the windshield. It is typically colder than -30 here in the mornings, and the truck always sits outside. Any ideas what I should look for, or tear apart first? Seems dumb to just keep replacing stuff without determining why things are heating up, or even potentially causing fires. Thanks, Bruce
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    I doubt if there is anything wrong with the motor.

    You might have a blockage which could cause the motor to work harder (think of what happens when you cover the end of a vacuum hose with your hand).

    When you say you have changed the wiring, explain......... Have you cut off the resistor connector and replaced that?
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    At least twice now I have replaced all three items at once: resistor, motor and the pigtail that gm sells so you don't need an entire wiring harness when the connector melts. Well the first time I got a GM pigtail and they wanted $170 for the connector and a handful of crimp connectors - I questioned them on it and got it down to $120. Next time I went aftermarket for $30. They both lasted close to a year. Generally seems to give issue in winter, perhaps after blizzards but I don't recall exactly. I see the bulletin says moisture causes the problem with the resistor - so that is not really fixed with the update as far as I can tell. I dont understand how they could have a connector melt down without blowing fuses, but I guess it must be more complicated than I imagine. Anyway, its seems to be working fine today but I don't trust it much. Wondering if I should tear ducting apart and look for blockages?
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    Just removing the motor (blower motor) and looking into the duct work should be sufficient.

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