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  1. rodny26

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    Ok, here is my write up on replacing my BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR in my 96 suburban 1500 4x4. The symptoms were this: my blower would only work on the highest setting. I still had the function of the vent selector: I could still switch between feet, mixed, face and winshield defrost, etc. The only thing was that the blower or fan would only work when I turned it to the highest setting.

    As stated by all of the forums, it was the BLOWER MOTOR RESISTOR. Here is how I fixed it.

    1st - remove the glove box by simply squeezing the sides to allow for it to fall forward.

    2nd - remove 2 screws that hold the Bosch plug in place

    3rd - use a pair of small needle nose pliars to squeeze the plastic barbs together to ease in the removal of the radio harness plug and the plug next to it.

    4th - Slide the Bosch plug forward in order to remove it from the metal bracket.

    5th - at this point you should have the top of the resistor in sight.

    6th - push back the wire and remove the 2 screws that secure the resistor in place. The plug on the top of the resistor is held in place by a plastic tab only on one of the two sides. Be careful not to break this. Simply press in the release and gently pull.

    Then reverse all of your steps and you should be done in no time.

    Dont know if this was already done or not, but I hope it helps out. Let me know what cha' think. i'm out.......:glasses:

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  2. unplugged

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    Nice. Great write up and good pics. I'll link it in the write up section.:glasses:
  3. Crawdaddy

    Crawdaddy All hail the Mad King!! Staff Member 5+ Years 1000 Posts Platinum Contributor

    Thanks for the guide. This will prove very useful to other members.

  4. rodny26

    rodny26 New Member

    Thanks. I usually just take the info from forums and use them to fix my truck, but this time I actually had the digi-cam near by and thought that I'd show what I did and how easy it was to do. I have pics of the resistor that I took out but I was limited to the amount of pics. But this will help all others who come across this problem. :)
  5. StaTTiKK

    StaTTiKK New Member

    Right on man... RIGHT on. thank you so very much for taking the time to take pictures and show the step by step. I was lost as hell. Still kind of a pain in the arse to get to the screws that hold the resistor in place, cuz of course, those specialty tools you have for that job, like a ratcheting wrench, are never to be found in times of need. Thanks again man. Tahoe is BACK in order.. Well as far as air speed goes. Y"OU ROCK.. Ciao...
  6. 58mark

    58mark New Member

    great post, I'm doing this in the next couple of days
  7. 58mark

    58mark New Member

    just finished, it was a good writeup, but I'll add a reminder that there is a small clip in the left side of the glovebox that keeps it from falling forward too much, that should be the first thing you remove before you squeeze the sides of the glovebox

    and yes, those vert screws that hold the resistor in place are a PITA. I have long fingers and it was still a pain, even with a ratchet.

    but thanks for the post, it saved me a bunch of "figuring" time
  8. rodny26

    rodny26 New Member

    Glad that I could help out. :)
  9. horsch32

    horsch32 New Member

    when i did mine, i thought the hardest part was getting the resistor back in, as it was kind of a tight squeeze.
  10. Gordon

    Gordon New Member

    Size of screws on resistor?

    thanks for this write up. Exactly what I needed. Since I don't know much about cars, but have more courage than money, I try to tackle these types of things. However, when I located the resistor on my 99 Sub, those screws are really hard to get to and get out. Happen to remember the size of them? Others have commented on this, too.


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