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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by Red Rado, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. Red Rado

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    My blower started to work on 5 only and after doing some research on here I have narrowed it down to it being a faulty resistor on the blower motor. I took off the cover on the motor assembly today to make sure I was going to order the correct part. Has anyone replaced this part and do you got any suggestions or steps on how to go about replacing it? Can I just splice the wires in or should I follow them back to the source. I didn't look under there too much as I was just looking at the resistor to make sure I would get the correct replacement part. Plus the old one looks like a circuit board and the new one is a different design. Does anyone know if they improved the design since 2004? I have a 2004 Silverado with the manual climate controls.
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    I thought the blower motor resistor had a connector on the end of the resistor. Depending on the damage, you may have to splice a new connector in if the wires and terminals melted in the connector. Do the part numbers on the old and new resistors match? If not, you may have the "old" design or something.
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    I had the same thing on my Envoy only worked on 4 and 5. I just unplugged and plugged in the new one. Pretty simple I thought.

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    it all depends i replaced mine 3 months ago and i had to replace the resistor pack and the connector due to the short that happend there it kinda melted so its all good now i had to get my parts at the dealer though 22 bucks for the resistor and like 90 something for the damn connector you gotta splice in.
  5. Red Rado

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    What confused me at first were the wires coming from the blower were black and blue and the wires from the new part were black and red so I figured it must have to be spliced in somewhere else. I finally got time to hook it up today and found the connector on the blower motor, which you can't see unless you stand on your head was the same so I just hooked it up and it worked like a champ. They did however change the design since my truck came out because my resistor was a two piece and this one was only a single unit. 1 piece for the resistor and the other for the bracket. I tried to mate them together like was there and it didn't fit so I just put the new resistor in. They also have some sort of insulation foam sprayed all over the chip. Something mine never had. Hopefully this will make it last longer. Either way thanks to this site I was able to fix this myself and save a trip and money spent at the dealer.

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