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Discussion in 'Chevy Blazer Forum (GMC Jimmy)' started by cdvntx, Jan 5, 2009.

  1. cdvntx

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    I have a 1975 K5 Blazer, full time 4x4. I blew out the front driver's side wheel hub and I think it's called the spider gear(?). I'm a little buffaloed as to why I loose all drive to the front and rear differentials in normal 4x4, high or low. When I lock the differentials, I get power to the rear wheels and was able to get home, whew!
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  2. MrShorty

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    The reason you lose all drive power is that your front diff is most likely an open diff and your transfer case acts as an open diff. Open diffs send power through the path of least resistance, which, with a broken hub, is to that axleshaft. Locking the transfer case forced a 50:50 split at the transfer case, and power was forced back to the rear axle.
  3. retired

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    You need to convert that transfer case to a part time case.
  4. cdvntx

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    I didn't realize that about this transfer case, but I guess that would explain it being full time and able to drive on asphalt...
    After pulling the hub off, it looks original and I'm surprised it could last this long...
  5. cdvntx

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    Yeah, I'm sure there are many things that should be upgraded on this model. I only know enough about this stuff to be dangerous. I guess I need to bone up on some of this stuff and see what all can be done, but I sure do enjoy throwing it into a corner and nailing it with very little traction loss...

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