Boat shopping. Need opinions on Carolina Skiff and similar boats

Discussion in 'Sports & Outdoors' started by starsilverado, Aug 18, 2012.

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    Well you know I started the thread. I am pretty confident that I read it, I do appreciate everyones feedback....perhaps I should go back and read it again, hmmm... I did I did go back and read and I did leave it open to opinion. I suppose I should have been more specific.
    thanks again!

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    ok folks do you think I should buy a boat or take someones daughter to a casino?

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    ahmitchell 1
    I am asking on here for input away from the boating forums just to get a variety of answers. That part seems to be working well.
    What do you think about powering a 20-22ft CC about 1850 lbs. with a 150 hp ? like I said originally lite fishing and island (sand bar) hopping not planning on putting alot of weight in it.
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    I would say a 150 should do fine for that size of a boat. Mine is 23-24 and comes in around 3500 dry without the engine. Ours has a 200 yamaha on it

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