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    i have a 2001 2500HD and i currently am running 33x13.50 with a tortion bar crank and some trimming. i would like to put 35x12.50 on it and im wondering if anyone has ever seen a 2in body lift for the HD. i dont really want a body lift but the Marine Corps doesnt pay nearly enough to afford a suspension lift. I also have a set of keys i am going to install.
    i want a 2in because the HD allready shows alot of frame and i would like to keep it at a minimum.
    anyone know where i can get a 2in?
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    If I remmember (I've been away from the industry for 5 years) the 2" kits wouldn't work because something with the firewall would hit with the 2" kit, but would clear with the 3" kit. I just can't remmember what it was and my little black book with over 8years of notes was destroyed in hurricane Charlie. I'll try to find out more for you.
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    I take it you dont like your women to show a lil leg???? ;)

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