Body lifts and brush guards.

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    So I have a body lift that I have not installed yet, and am curious if I can still use the brackets that came with my brush guard or if I will need to modify them. I'm sure it differs from guard to guard, but is there anybody who has one on theirs with a BL? What did you do, if anything? Mine is only a 1.5", BTW.
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    I've done a few bodylifts with brushguards, if your gonna leave it on the truck after the bodylift you'll want to fab brackets to lift it, if you dont it'll look funny because it wont match the grill and hood lines.
    If your brush guard has lights mounted make sure your brackets are mounted real good to stop vibrations. On a couple of the ones I've done I even ran extra supports through the grill back to the radiator support for strength and to stop vibration.
  3. Jimmeh

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    Just an FYI for those doing the zone body lift with a Hunter brand brush guard, the brackets WILL work after the lift is installed.

    Thanks for the heads up on the vibration. I have noticed a little purely from just looking at the light guards while going down the road (can just see the drivers side over the hood).

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