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Discussion in 'Chevy Truck Accessories' started by asu4cjustice, Apr 8, 2011.

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    I was wanting to know how to get the body molding off my door panel. anyone done this? is it somethign they can do at dealership easier?

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    There are a Couple of Ways to Remove the Door Trim....I Did & Used the Following items,

    1. .....A Heat help Soften the Trim

    2. .....Fishing line Between the Body & the Trim......and in a Sawing Up and Down Motion

    3 .....Once I Removed Half of the Trim....I Gently Pulled the Remaining Trim Off

    4. .....I used a 3M Eraser Wheel to remove the left over could also Use Goo Gone to Remove the Adhesive

    5. ......Wash the Area down and Then a Coat of Wax

    6........Last Take your Time
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    It just peels off. Its a little trickie getting started but just pull slowly. It WILL leave some 3M tape. You can get a 3M eraser wheel and 3M adhesive remover at most auto parts stores. Wash the area with soapy water to clean dirt that collects under the molding, than use the eraser wheel and finish with the adhesive remover, then wax area. If you don't like using the eraser wheel than you can peel off the tape after soaking with the adhesive remover. This does take alot of time and kills your fingers. Get the eraser wheel.

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