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    im new to the pickup world but was wondering about the body mounts on 3/4 ton pickups. i noticed the 3/4 ton sit up alittle higher than the 1/2 ton and was wodering if this would be a cheap way to raise a half ton alittle bit. im assume that is where the extra lift is coming from since you can see more of the frame. any help would be appeciated. thanks
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    Actually you are getting the height difference from the suspension. The 3/4 has a heavier spring rate to it and more leafs in the back. The actual body mounts are the same for the trucks. You can buy a body lift fairly cheap for your truck. This would raise it up, you can get them in 2" and 3" depending on the make and year of your truck. You can also gain some height and level out the front with new torsion keys. Performance accessories makes body lifts and the only one I've used for the torsion keys is Ready Lift. Hope this helps a little.
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    I'm not a fan of body lifts personaly. There are several "leveling kits" available but I didn't go that route for the historical lack of dependability and quality if you will.

    For my 2WD 02' 1500 I chose CST 4" offset spindles and upper control arms along with their balljoints mainly because I liked the quality of their components over the other "kit" components I won't mention available for my truck. The stock front coils got an additonal 1" rubber spacer in the upper mount location for a total of 5" lift up front. I sent my rear springs to be re-arched-shot peened and the "proper" neoprene spring pads installed to a shop in downtown L.A. that specialized in that arena that netted a 3" lift without using blocks = level. I chose Bilsteins at all four corners. The ride is superb and tractabilty with the 4:56.1 gears and Dyna LS Universal couldn't be better for a 2x. Tires are 295-75 16 = 33" and clear at full tuck & lock - lock.

    This was a little more work & $$ than a kit will provide but I hate doing things twice. This truck is mainly used for comuting to my place in the mountains on the weekends and it see's Fire road activity regularly hence the need for the diff-gears-and modest lift. When I need 4WD, in the winter I use my 90' Dodge Ramcharger that I keep up there that's had extensive work.

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