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Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by blacknight97, Feb 17, 2010.

  1. blacknight97

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    hey guys, i have these crome accent things on my doors, i was looking to take them off and paint them black or maybe just take them off permanently. can i do this buy myself without messing up the truck or should i get a body shop to help? does anyone else have them and can give me some insight on this?
  2. Coolrado

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    I would at least see what a body shop would want to do it for you. If not you can do it yourself, if you aren't worried about saving them, get one end started with some piano wire, then just pull them off. I would use a 3m eraser wheel to remove the adhesive. Its gonna be the easiest way to get the rest of the two sided tape off. Just make sure there are no holes in the doors behind the molding. Not many G.M.'s have holes behind the door moldings but there are some that do.
  3. rotaryenginepete

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    if they are attached with 3M or similar style tape adhesive:

    buy a bottle of 3M adhesive removal spray, spray it down around the edges liberally then hit it with a heat gun. be careful not to hold the heat gun too close as the spray is flammable and you don't want to melt anything else in the area that is plastic. just get it nice and warm. then it should come off easily. if you need something to separate the goo, run a piece of thin fishing line, floss, or twine behind it and that should bring it off.
  4. blacknight97

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    ok i'll deffinately try both of those. thanks alot guys!

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