Bodylift Zone 1.5” vs. RC 1.25”

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    I’m in the process of choosing a body lift. I’m between the RC 1.25 and Zone 1.5 –inch. I do not want to go higher but only want to add a little height to my levelling kit. I like the 1.5” but the RC kit has the best price and bumper brackets included. Both of these kits use 8 plastic spacers on the truck bed. In addition, the zone kit has 2 steel bed spacers included. These go between the bed crossmember and trucks frame near the back wheels where the crossmember would normally rest on the frame. Are these important? What purpose do they serve? Do they make one kit better than the other. If to support weight why are there only two, one per side? I can see many more points where my trucks box rests on the frame. I sometimes carry close to 1000lbs in my truck. Should I buy the Zone kit because it has these steel spacers? or should I consider adding them if I buy the RC kit? If so, should I add more than two? They appear much easier to make and add than the bumper brackets not included with the zone kit

    2007 nnbs
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    If your gonna continue to haul stuff in the bed of the truck the metal spacers for the center of the bed are important.
    I've seen them left out many times and on trucks that are used as a truck the bed starts to bend and sag in the center.
    Check the kit to see if they have provisions for bolting them in, a lot of kits have you weld those spacers in and thats why their left out by the installers.
    Depending on the loads you haul you might need to fab up a few more for other contact points to stop sagging and bending.

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