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Discussion in 'Performance & Fuel' started by mechalloy, Jun 4, 2009.

  1. mechalloy

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    I am looking for bolt on goodies for my 06 Denali XL with the 6.0l engine. New here but looking for any information on how each of these bolt on goodies like, cold air kit, cat back, programmers, intake stuff, air filters (K&N?), headers, etc.. Looking for other goodies that have been tried.
  2. vncj96

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    Welcome to the site first off!! Cant really help you on your specific application for Denali but i know that just adding exhaust and a K&N will give your truck more breathing power in your upper RPM range, wont feel it down low but when you pass on the highway you will notice a quicker climb in RPMs, not sure on your budget for bolt-ons but on something like the Denali maybe see if SLP has stuff for it
  3. lvz2ryd

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    Take all that money u want to spend and put a high performance cam and acc. that go with the install. Tune the ECU and have a nice rear end built with lower gears. Maybe a drop in stock box, K&N filter, i would do a full header and high flow cats, to X-pipe and flowmaster mufflers. Basically building a corvette under Denali cover. This set-up is semi streetable, lower gears keep the rpms up when ur cruizin to grandmas house in your sleeper. but if its just mostly city drivin where u like to go 0-100 everywhere. its a good setup.

    of course lots of money for the tires u will go through:lol:

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