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    Hey guys, I'm new with lots of questions, so bear with me. What's the bolt pattern on the 08 silverados? I'm looking on right now at some wheels and I think the bolt pattern is 6 lug on 5.5" bolt circle (which I assume is synonymous for 6 on 5.5) but I wanted to check to make sure and I can't find a good answer through the google.
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  2. pmf608

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    yes... as long as your truck uses 6 bolt wheels, the pattern will be

    6 x 5.5 (SAE measurement)
    - or -
    6 x 139.7 (Metric)

    You might come across both - they are identical but different brands measure on different systems.

    hope this helps!
  3. 05azsilver

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    pmf608 is correct, your bolt pattern is 6 x5.5 (139.7)

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