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  1. ChevyFan

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    I've been stopped before in So California driving into Arizona, and also in New Mexico/Texas area somewhere around El Paso.

    I think the total stop for me was like 10 seconds. It's more or less something like, you're a US Citizen? Where are you headed?

    Just as long as they stop everyone then it's legal. They can't pick and choose who they stop. NOW, if I'm in a bad mood and trying to make time, then I'm probably not going to be happy about it. But, my life is complex enough so I don't want to add to my total quantity of things to think about.
  2. the phantom

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    Im have mixed opinions also.. If its at the country's border and your going into or returning from Mexico or Canada then yes, they should have the right to ask, and inspect your vehicle. Do they have the right to rip it apart damaging things not find anything and then say your good to go? well I would have a problem with that. Do they have the right to stop us away from the borders within the US? Well I have never seen these checkpoints and I understand these guys are doing their job but why do we have these checkpoints to begin with? Are they only near borders of other country's and its just a buffer zone of 20 miles? Even if your not a US citizen arent legal visitors of other countries free to travel here as if they were citizens? Do they have our rights if they are visiting within thier alotted time on their visa's? Im not educated in this area but I would think thats the case. Why is it that we now are guilty until we prove our innocence? It seems law enforcement is told to bend the rules(rights):rules: of the citizens and possibly non-citizens to get clues as to a possible crime or history of crime that might have or being taken place. Unfortunately for normal law abiding citizens we have to tolerate this bend of the rules for our own safety I guess. I just hope they never have to come to my house with a rolling checkpoint in the year 2030 when who knows what life will be like.:neutral:
  3. dsfloyd

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    Living near the border I will have to disagree a bit here. Yes will agriculture cost rise, yes, to that extent no. It would be a minimum wage job still as its low skill manual labor (granted they are bumping min wage to $10/hour in CA because they are morons with no grasp of economics). Yes there are some good and some bad but they are still breaking the law.

    Now on the topic of the video, unless it gets really backed up the border checks are typically a 3 second stop.
  4. McClintoc

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    The people in that video are pathetic morons (the ones crossing the border, not the BPOs). There is no need to deliberately be confrontational. The BPOs are doing their jobs. They are not picking you for fun. Just answer their questions and be on your way. The very first guy is especially stupid. He says "he doesn't time for games" yet he is the only playing games. What a fool.

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