BORLA Exhaust Intel Needed (08 5.3L Silvy CrewCab Z71 4x4 XLT)

Discussion in 'Chevy Silverado Forum (GMC Sierra)' started by BravoGolfTango, Apr 26, 2011.

  1. BravoGolfTango

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    Does anyone here, better yet in the Houston area have the same era truck with a 5.3L and the Borla (dual-tipped each-side) cat-back exhaust system? I'd love to hear it in person, have found every known YouTube file and while the vids are ok, some actually know how to make an exhaust clip (get in start it, let warm up, throttle it a few times, etc, etc, not just start it and sit there idling for 5 minutes).

    On hold with BORLA as I type to find out if the truck Borla comes with three pre-muffler flange plates same as the fbody cars, that's what made this catback tuneable and unique, a restricted tone-down plate with a small opening, a medium plate with a large opening and then the wide open flange gasket which was incredible. The tuneability of this made the straight flow-thru muffler on the fbody's sound fantastic, the deepest, throatiest catback out there.

    I've searched this forum already, found the handful of Borla threads, no real intel I'm seeking. I'm familiar & heard/seen the wavs/vids for most of the high-end aftermarket catback systems out there for these trucks and IMO nothing beats a custom tig-welded mandrel bent system or Borla catback, but maybe someone here has something new to share other than the typical Flowmaster setups for this truck, after 4 trucks I've either had or heard most of the FM variations.
    Appreciate if anyone has any good clips to share of their Borla exhaust.
  2. smokepig

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    What i did was buy a borla muffler only from summit racing at cost $100 it was the pro-xs single in duel out and had a local shop mount it and ran new pipes from the muffler to the back that cost me $190, i have a clip on youtube under smokepig36.

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