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Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by TALL HD, Apr 2, 2010.

  1. TALL HD

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    Well i have looked for this answer but can't find here it goes. i have a 2003 silverado with the Bose. I was wondering if there was anyway to add an iPod/mp3/aux jack to the system?
  2. GMClone

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    I've got an '05 with the Bose system, and as far as I can tell there is not an easy/cheap way to hook up a line-in. I've been thinking of something like this, which looks like it plugs into the factory wiring harness behind the head unit. I think it would work, and although it's not cheap, it's not extremely expensive either. I haven't pulled the trigger yet, but I'm planning to.

    Note: The exact product linked above may not be the correct one for your vehicle! Use it as a starting point to that site only! :)
  3. TALL HD

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    ok..let me know how that works out. itll be about three months before i pull the trigger on it..
  4. anven

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    Hey - as an installer I can tell you - Bose will make any aftermarket audio mod a nightmare. I would suggest an in-line FM modulator. You can get an aux in through the FM without worrying about looking for clear stations. Quality is OK. Not as good as going iPod digital to a new pioneer head unit desinged for it, but way better than a standard FM modulator or tape adapter.

    Just something else to consider.

    Ultimately there is no substitute for ripping out the factory radio and bose amp and replacing with an Alpine or Pioneer with native iPod controls and interface then adding a 4 channel JL or similar AMP to run those nice bose speakers :)
  5. TALL HD

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    ok..since i have no clue about audio parts (i do know how to hook things up though). i have a few many watts is the bose amp or would it run 2 12" kicker comp subs? if not what size/brand amp would you recommend? i dont have enough funds for a whole new head unit..because im putting a lot towards the motor. and is it possible to seperately control the subs and the turning subwoofer bass up, but without turning up radio volume? thanks..
  6. anven

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    I do not think a factory bose amp will drive your subs. Its designed to drive speakers (although component speakers with slighlty more power than the factory head unit).

    To drive your subs you want a decent mono amplifier. I always thought JL was one of the better ones, but it really comes down to how much you want to spend (and how much power you want). When shopping around for one, look at what power they are rated (i.e. 250 watt at 2 ohms) Then make sure your subs are wired accordingly (two 4 ohm subs should be wired in parallel giving 2 ohm at the amp, while two 2-ohm subs should be wired in series giving 4ohm at the amp).

    Lastly, there are 2 types of audio outputs from the head unit - line level and pre-amp level. Line level is designed to drive a speaker, while pre-amp level is usually an RCA plug thats designed to go to an amp. Depending on head unit you may or may not have pre-amp outputs, and you will need an amp that will take line-level inputs.

    And your last question - yes, there are various audio processors that will allow you to control sub volume independently. an example

    This is too expensive but should give you an idea of possibilities.

    I know my technical explanation is not up to par, so please ask specific questions and I'll be more than happy to answer (if i can)
  7. TALL HD

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  8. anven

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    This amp is rated 400 Watt at 2 ohm. If you want dual subs, you want two, 4-ohm subs wired in parallel. speaker impedance does not necessarily matter, but it needs to be matched to the output of the amp. Not to get into physics of it - in order to mazimize power output, the load (speaker) impedance should equal amplifier's internal impedance.
  9. ChevyAvalanche9813

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    04 chevy avalanche

    Hey there, there is an ipod adapter that you can buy that hooks straight into your factory bose head unit. It is four clips and fits right behind the unit in the dash and comes with a 6ft. Cord to plug your ipod/iphone straight into and it reads on your touch screen and works on the steering wheel buttons and the screen buttons. It also reads the song name and all on your screen so you never have to look at the ipod/iphone and can concentrate on the road.
  10. Stealth

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    Can you give us a link to get there, or at least some more information? That would be helpful.

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