bose sound system?

Discussion in 'Audio, Video & Gadget Tech' started by suburban2500, Nov 9, 2009.

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    my 2006 suburban 2500 has the bose 9 speaker sound system and it does sound awesome but the bass doesnt compare to the kicker l7 im used to but the truck does seem to have a perfect spot for a 10 inch sub in the truck there seems to be an empty grill i havent tried removing the cover yet does anyone have any experience with this set up do i need a hi/lo converter and an extra amp can i tap into anything and does it sound good?
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    I believe that is a sub behind that cover, while I cant say i am a fan of the Bose system, you are gonna need a new amp, wiing and sub to replace it to get the bass you are looking for. The factory stuff has less power but it is designed like that so even if you could connect the factroy wiring to to a new sub you wouldnt have enough RMS power most likely. Get a line out converter and tap into the factory wires and then to the new amp and sub. If there is a seperate amp for a factory sub you would most likely want to tap into the wires before the amp as there is most likely a crossover that can mess up the signal going into an aftermarket amp. I hope this all makes sense, and of course it will be different if there isnt a factory sub back there but I thought they did install one. Let us know what you find, or dont find!
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    turns out its just a got out nothing behind it i wish there was atleast wiring but nope it looks cool i guess that there way of saying it would sound better if you wanted to addd another sub lol i may in the near future design a box to fit and add an amp theres plenty of room

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