Bought a 09 HHR yesterday

Discussion in 'Chevy HHR Forum' started by dadngt, Aug 28, 2012.

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    I haven't been on here much lately my laptop burnt up by over heating. But right now I'm on my wifes computer & I don't really like it but I'm checking in I have been able to check the forum on my phone but its not the greatest phone so take forever. Anyways my wife is starting her new job next week & our hours overlapped so we couldnt share the Silverado. Spent Monday looking at cars from a couple lots. She told the first dealer her max monthly payment & they showed us a Chevy Aveo which the interior was in bad shape. then they showed us an Accent (small pocket car like a golfcart with a body shell) She seemed to like it so we talked over the paper work, the dealer brought this paper saying this used 2011 36k mile clown car is selling for $21,000 @ used price. I got up & left. So we went to another dealer gave them the same monthly payment max he showed us some nice cars in range. Like a newer Nissan Sentra, Chevy Cobalt, but the cheaper of the few was a 2009 Chevy HHR in a dark blue metallic black interior few surface scratches nothing bad it has about 60k miles & she is paying $215 mo which we feel is a good price also its the 5speed manual which we were both wanting. I would upload some pics but can't at this time. I;ve already been bit by the custom bug if you check out my album & see the Silverado. But I'm having a hard time with this HHR. I want to pull the front & rear bowties off & paint them silver but they are glued on & I was losing interest fast trying to pull the front one off, may just get some decals cut for them. I'm liking the fact that it took $45 to fill up from empty with gas @ $3.59 when last week it took $73 to put 3/4 in the Silverado @ $3.54 I know the tank sizes are different but still nice lol.
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    My wife got an 08 we bought new back then, were nearing 45k on the odometer hasnt been a bad car considering others I've owned.
    A few things I have had issues with:

    Trim panels on the front doors running horizontally, the coating/paint peels off to easy.

    Ignition locks have an issue, we recieved a notice on ours if it ever locked on us to bring it to the dealer, too late it did this about 2 months ago and we had to have it towed in for repairs, they covered towing and repairs but it was a little inconvrnient.

    And a recall for the latch mechanism on the dash top storage box.

    Other than that its been good, got great mileage, and easy on the maintenance.

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