Bought a 1999 Suburban with an oil leak...

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    I just picked up a 1999 4x4 with 174,740 miles on it, even though I knew it had an oil leak. It looks like it's coming from the front of the engine... maybe just from behind the timing chain cover? Or maybe from a seal behind the harmonic balancer at the crank?!? I don't know for sure, since I didn't really dig too deep into it. I decided to take the chance that it'll be an easy and/or relatively cheap fix, since the rest of the vehicle was in REALLY good shape for its age. All the others I've looked at had a million little issues, but this one was very clean... and cheap!

    They wanted $4k, but I started pointing out some stuff and talked them down to $2850. It will need some new tires, something in the steering - maybe just the tie rods - replaced, and the oil leak fixed. I'll have the head gaskets checked, even though they claim they were recently done. I also need to address the driver's rear door (back seat door, not rear end door), since it won't open using the inside or outside handle. Otherwise all the locks, handles, lights, switches, a/c and everything else seems to be in good working order.

    I can do most of the wrench-turning myself, but I'm thinking about letting a shop handle my oil leak. I figure I got enough if a deal that I'll save myself the hassle of getting hot and sweaty and dirty in the 100+ Texas heat! Cross your fingers that they don't find something major wrong with it when I take it in. I'll post pics soon.

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