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Discussion in 'Medium-duty Truck Forum' started by waynebrv, Jun 30, 2013.

  1. waynebrv

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    Have owned a Gen II 1991 Topkick, 3116, 5 sp, sleeper with still only 45K original miles. Recently bought a new CM SK bed to replace that dually pickupbed that came with it.

    Just bought a Gen I, 1981 GMC Topkick with a Altec boom. Haven't brought it home, but it registers 42K. Probably a lot of hours. Bad news, it has a 170HP 8.2L Detroit diesel fuel pincher. The price I paid was for the boom only, whether the fuel pincher, 5 sp and chassis works out is a plus. Cranked, but didn't run, right off, boom worked off batteries. Everything is there and its not ridden with cancer. The cab is in very good condition, no broken glass. Even has 6 good tires. Boom is complete and operational with outriggers.

    More to follow.

  2. 99Yuk

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    What is a "Topkick"?
  3. RayVoy

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    GM's big truck line, now discontinued.
  4. McClintoc

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    See Ironhide.
  5. FrigginNoodles

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    Congrats on the new rig Wayne, hopefully you can get it all straightened out and running well. Would love to see some pics.

    One bad ass truck topkick.jpg
  6. waynebrv

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    will post some pictures when I get it on the farm, later next month. Meanwhile, I noticed I only have 16 post, and that makes me a Jr Apprentice on this site. So I will make this pointless post, enroute to becoming a fully certified internet mechanic. Man, I can't even write this post without chuckling how pointless the number of post attributes to mechanical skills. Does ASE have a test module for internet mechanics?
    Hey, don't answer. I already know the

  7. waynebrv

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    Is the distiction between the silverado pages, ck pages and MEDIUM pages so limited that blazer and yukon drivers would pose "what is a topkick?" or is this some joke which has an interpretation I am not seeing?

    Maybe before you enter Medum Trucks forum, a call-out for those who are uniformed, should explain what a meduim truck really is. Such a dumb question actually hijacks a post, and prevents the answer. I posted about air-ride suspension on medium trucks and got a response by a master mechanic (internet type) that the air ride bags on his silverado were the best ever. In the end, the post was hijacked and the question was never answered. I am frustrated, if I have to answer my own questions, which may take a week or two of research, etc, what is the point of this forum?

    - - - Updated - - -

    Hauled the bucket truck from Baton Rouge, La to my home here in south central VA on my 25" GN tilt trailer. Sometime I actually did the speed limit before I hit a grade...
    That 175HP 3116 worked its best, and seriously, anyone who has pulled a load from one end of I-85 to the other, I downshifted in the low teens. I did OK. best mileage was 13.1 going south empty against the govenor to LA and worst was 7.33 from Montgomery to Atlanta (return-loaded), and all others were over 9. Found the best mileage was to keep it at 60-65, run the hill just before bottom and shift at 48mph and keep on top of rpm. Definitely adjusting the max throttle screw. now. I was reluctant because I feared it would ruin my mileage, seriously...7.33.. This little truck at the end of this trip only has 48K, which for 91 model is just broke in. But for handling the load, supension and stopping, performance was awesome. this truck has a sleeper and CM SK flatbed/GN, so this trip was there and back, one sleeping, one driving, only stopping for fuel and bladder relief all in the comfort of AC. BTW, sleeper comfort on return trip was 2x running empty
  8. Pikey

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    Congrats on the new truck! I would love to find a nice topkick at a good price. Do I have a use for it? Nope! But, they are awesome trucks and my wife and kids would love driving around in it. The one that [MENTION=43318]FrigginNoodles[/MENTION] posted a pic of is what I am keeping an eye out for.

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