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    Since larger diameter tires play havoc in more areas than gearing, speedo, shift points, brake performance also degrades. In my past dealings with building off road trucks, Jeeps,and Dodges I usually changed out the brake booster to get heavy metal machines to wooooa. For instance my 90' Jeep Cheerokee which ran 35's had a single diaghram booster. After migrating a dual diaghram from a '92 Cheerokee which wasn't that difficult, braking was now back to acceptable.

    So my inquiry is if any one has accomplished this on a 1500 Silverado (not HD model) and what brake boosters could be interchangable. I was thinking a 2500 brake booster may be swapped out, but if I approached a dealer with that question I think I'd get the dumbfounded blank stare that you so often get.

    I could research after market Calipers, but I'm betting a brake booster swap would do the trick.

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