Brake controller 07 and up GMC Chevy

Discussion in 'Towing & Trailer Tech' started by Farmerdave, Jun 17, 2010.

  1. Farmerdave

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    Well I just got done installing mine! Took me two hours to get everything done and what a pain in the butt. If anyone has questions about it I can answer them. I had originally hooked it up and it wasnt right the brakes acted funny and would all of the sudden surge when applying the brakes but it wasnt a constant thing. So after some research I realized that I didn't need one of the wires under the dash hooked to anything and that you have to hook up two wires that are under your hood to fuse box and put in a fuse. So anyways if anyone has any questions feel free to ask I have it all figured out and tested it.
  2. pmf608

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    I take it this is the factory trailer brake controller? If so, it is something I would be interested in if I were to have a new style truck. For the people who do have the newer trucks, I am sure they would appreciate it if you did a write-up. So many people go aftermarket, who knows how many people would go with the factory unit if they knew how to wire it up properly.

    Good on you for taking the time to figure it out.:great:
  3. Farmerdave

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    Its a brake controller I bought at Auto Zone. Not sure what you mean by factory? Their are factory wires that are give to you taped up under the dash that you can use. The old body style trucks had a plug that you just plugged your aftermarket brake controller into but the new body style trucks are just blunt cut wires so you have to soder (SP?) or use butt conectors to wire your controller in. The problem I ran into is no where in the instructions from the dealer or off of the brake controller instructions did it tell you that you have to hook up the power wires under the hood to the posts on the fuse block and you have to add a 40 amp female fuse to the block for everything to work correctly. Also another thing I ran into is that you have to buy nuts for the two posts that you hook the wires to under the hood. So I looked at them and drove to the autoparts store and bought a 1/4 and 3/8s nuts not thinking their metric. So after I figure out their metric I go back get metric this time try it at the store and the nuts still wont thread on? I was confused. Then it dawned on me that it must be a specific thread pitch! Took the parts guy and Me 20 mins to find the specific thread pitch metric nut for this application.
  4. pmf608

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    Ok. By the amount of difficulty you had with it, it sounded like you were installing the one that you could get from the factory that is build into the dash. Even with an aftermarket one though, I'm sure your experience will help someone out when they run into the same problem.

    Always nice of GM to put the harness in there but not hook it up...
  5. drwdominance

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    2 things

    what is the make of the brake controller?
    do you have an hd trailer package that came with the truck?
  6. Farmerdave

    Farmerdave Rockstar 100 Posts

    HOPKINS is the make of the brake controller its a digital read out of the percentage of brake I am applying to the trailer.
    Yes I have the HD trailer package.
  7. partssource1

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    I would be interested in this. I will be doing it with in the next month I wanted to add the factory in dash one but have found out though research on line and though my dealer that it can't be added after the fact because of all the modules and stuff that they use to make it work so I'm researching aftermarket controllers now to see what one I want. What one did you go with?
    I’m looking for one that I can mount into the lower dash panel so it looks factory I have ordered a new lower panel so I can use it to cut and fit with out having to worry about screwing up my dash and If I don’t like it I can just toss it out and still have my hole dash intact

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