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    I have an '89 full size Blazer with an electrical demon I can't figure out.
    the brake lights and turn signals work fine, until you turn on the headlights.... then everything works fine until you push the brake.... the left brake light dosen't work and the right does..... yes the left turn signal works always.....
    I thought I had it fixed... I took out someone's attempt at trailer light wiring and cleaned up the wiring that they had spliced... soldered & everything.... it all worked fine for a couple days, then my wife got pulled over for her brake light not working.... I checked all of the connections and they are good.

    What should I check next? I was kinda thinking something in the headlight switch.
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    Even though it only happens when the lights are on, I'd look for what is common between the brake and turn signal. The common component is the turn signal switch. The brake light current passes through the turn signal switch. I'd check there first. Otherwise I'd investigate a bad ground. The additional current of the headlight circuit may be exposing a poor ground in the left side tail lamp assembly. Try mocking up an extra taillight to chassis ground with a length of wire and a couple of alligator clips.
  3. whutdidyousay

    whutdidyousay New Member

    Will do! Thanks!

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