Brake light switch issue. 97 Tahoe

Discussion in 'GM Electrical Tech' started by Scott77, May 11, 2009.

  1. Scott77

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    My brake lights were not working, hazards and everything else were fine. I finally traced it back to the brake light switch, which I replaced. Shortly thereafter they stopped working again. After playing around with it for a while I realized that the switch is fine, but the pedal doesn't .... push the contact enough. If I manually press the switch contact the lights work. I have tried wedging a few different things between the part of the pedal that the switch goes on and the contact and that worked but I couldn't keep it in place. I'm curious if anyone has experienced this problem.

    Also when I got the truck the switch had been replaced or messed with and the retainer is missing. Does anyone know what i is supposed to be? E clip ? Snap ring? Cotter pin? And if so what size?

    While I'm at it are there supposed to be any bushings or sleeves on the pedal?

    Sorry if this makes no sense, trying to explain as best I can.
  2. GaryL

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    The missing retainer is probably what is causing your problem. It is a funny looking clip that goes on there. I will see if I can find a picture of one.
  3. Scott77

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  4. GaryL

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    Sorry for the late reply, I have been out for a few days due to a death in the family.

    The clip you need is the round metal one.
  5. Scott77

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    Thanks a lot
  6. Scott77

    Scott77 Member

    Just for the record, I finally ordered the clips, and my brake lights work just fine now. Thanks.
  7. tahoe1996

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    Brake Light Switch - 1996 Tahoe

    I am also having a problem with my Chevy Tahoe's brake light switch. Originally, I was pulled over by the police and told my brake lights were out. I troubleshot it to the brake light switch. I replaced the switch and everything worked for a while. Eventually, it happened again...and again...and again. I keep having to slide the switch back into place because it gets very loose. I recently purchased this 1996 Tahoe from someone off Craigslist. He told me he had "just replaced the brake booster". So I know they were messing with the brakes. All that is securing the brake light switch in place is an "E" Clip of some type. As I research this more and more, I realize that this "E" Clip is not original to the truck and this guy shoved it in there as a quick fix. Bottom line, does anyone have a diagram or part number for this brake light switch retaining clip or a parts breakdown? Where can I order this too. Thank You.Does anyone have a picture or part number for the brake light switch retaining clip?
  8. Scott77

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    It is not an e-clip. Dorman "help!" products sells a packge of retaining clips specific to the application. There's a link above to the part#.

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