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Discussion in 'Chevy C/K Truck Forum' started by bigbird78, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. bigbird78

    bigbird78 New Member

    On my 1978 c-20 the brake lights wont work. Ive checked and double checked the fuses. Strange is that the tail lights will work but when you press the brakes the brake lights wont come on. Im not sure if its maybe the wire that runs back or maybe its a problem with the taillights?
  2. PitKrew

    PitKrew New Member

    Have you tried a brake lamp switch?
  3. dirtplay1975

    dirtplay1975 New Member

    also the brake lights run through the turn signal switch. Power comes from the fuse to the brakelight switch on the brake pedal(believe orange wire) then out of the brakelight switch to the turn signal switch plug(should be white wire) and it gets split up inside the switch. you could test to make sure you have power going into the turn signal switch at the white wire whe the brake pedal is depressed, if you do, and the turn signals work in the rear then it has to be in the turn signal switch. If the turn signals dont work at the rear it still could be the switch or wiring but if they work out back its not wiring since the turn signals and brakelights are on same wire. Also if no power going from brakelight switch to turn signal switch, check power going into the brakelight switch, if you have power going in but not out its the brakelight switch. the brakelight switch will be an easy part to replace, and the turn signal switch will be a littke work( removing steering wheel, lock plate, and the colum support) but its not impossible. The parts are readily available at most parts stores and are relatively cheap. Also if the turn signal switch is the problem, some parts stores also loan out the steering wheel remover and lock plate tool for a deposit.
  4. bigbird78

    bigbird78 New Member

    Turns out to be two things. It WAS the brakelight switch AND the fuses. The original fuses i bought must have been dropped or for whatever reason were defective. So i ended up replacing the brakelight switch but still no brake lights, after a day of cursing i decided to retry a new set of fuses and they worked. Out of curiosity i decided to reinstall the old brakelight switch and they didnt work so it was both the switch and fuses. Thank you for the help.

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