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  1. just was wondering i gotta change all the break lines on my 00 suburban.... i changed one from the dist block under the truck to the rear.... now i needa change the other 4.... two to the master, two to each side of the brakes in front...
    how long should this take?
    what tools would i need?
  2. vncj96

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    Not sure but I would suggest doing full steel braided lines
  3. tbplus10

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    Line wrenchs
    a vacuum brake bleeder
    And assorted wrenchs for the brake line hold down clamp
    If the brake line change is due to a lift I understand why your changing the front lines to the wheel actuators, but I dont understand the lines to the master cylinder.

    If you did a body lift you can stretch out the coil on the master cylinder lines.
    You dont want to put flexible lines to the master cylinder the system should be plumbed with hard lines to the distribution block in back and line adaptors up front.
    Also if you using Stainless lines not all are created equal, they must be DOT approved to be used on street vehicles, if you ever get in an accident whether it's your fault or not you can be found at fault and heavily fined for using non-approved parts.
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    I think he's talking hard steel lines, not flex hoses.
  5. sgui

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    flaring tool to do
    standard double flares, metric bubble flares
  6. sgui

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    [​IMG]this is what i use
  7. thanks everyone i got it all figured out... i paid someone 250 to do it... when the guy went to touch a line... they like crumbled so it was wayy over due to be done so i had em done w.e lol....

    this can be locked up i have no further questions except why im suckin down gas so god damn fast lol

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