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    I have an 03 Silverado with 53,000 miles and last month i was coming home from camping pulling my travel trailer when i hit the brakes after getting off the interstate and wooosh brake pedal goes to the floor.Luckily i was able to use the trailer brakes to safely pull over.Long story short it took 3 weeks to repace all my brake lines cause they rusted out,the front lines were on backorder.I complaines to Chevy customer assistance and was happy to get them to split my almost $1400.00 invoice 50/50.
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    Wow! Who would think they would do this with a truck that old and out of warranty. I guess it never hurts to complain! :)
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    6yrs old and low miles, I bet the corrosion protection plan covered some of the issue.

    My 99 Tacoma was part of a recall last year where Toyota offered to buy back 96 to 04 Tacomas with any corrosoin perforations to the frame or moderate body corrosion perforations qualified the truck for a buy-back. Buy back prices started at $5400, thats $5400 for a 12yr old truck with corrosion, something I expect my vehicle to get after a while no matter how good I take care of it.

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