Brake Noise Issues - Need Advice

Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by mkruluts, Jul 22, 2009.

  1. mkruluts

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    Ok, what is it about a shop or dealership that they never want to fix your problem? They just determine that it is road safe and pass you on your way. Brake noise is one of my biggest pet peeves. My 2000 Blazer made a whistle sound and the shop did some kind of grease job and said it was cheaper even though I told them to replace whatever was causing the problem. None the less, my 2005 Silverado is making a whistle sound whenever I am driving but stops when I put my foot on the brake or cut the wheel to the right. This isn't some mild mannered whistle, this is a hear you from a block away whistle. I just got it back from the shop at the dealership, I had to work so my father took it for me, and I had told him that the brakes were fine and that I just wanted the noise to stop. Well he picked it up and they said that the brakes were fine and they did nothing, except for charge me $100 to look at them. Sorry for the rant, I am just very mad about not being taken seriously on this, and I hope someone here can sympathize with my situation…

    Anyway, now that I have gotten that of my chest… my question is, what can I do or replace to make the noise disappear? There was not a problem with the truck in regards to the noise, until I got it inspected in March and they replaced the front rotors and all the brakes. I am assuming what was on the truck was the stock brakes and rotors. Is there something after market that I can replace them with to stop the noise? Please keep in mind that I am fully aware that the brakes are perfectly safe to use, but the noise your car/truck makes determines people’s perceptions of you, and well, I care. Thank you for your time and any responses you may have.
  2. dsfloyd

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    typically if you hear a squealing while driving and stops when you hit the brakes it means the squeaker tab is hitting and its time for new brakes. If new brakes were jus put on this shouldn't be the problem. Check to see is something is bent and rubbing on the rotor. Maybe the squeaker tab was bent enough to hit or something is a little loose so that you notice when there isn't any pressure on it.
  3. mkruluts

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    I honestly have no idea how to go about checking for that. Shouldn't the dealership have checked for that? Regardless, if I take it to a different shop and mention that, would it be something relatively easy to diagnose?
  4. dsfloyd

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    It isn't difficult if you can take off a tire. the squeaker tab is either part of the brake pad or part of the caliper where the brake pad is held in. Its just a thin piece of metal. If you are not very mechanically inclined then go to a brake shop. Some will do a free inspection for you, and some will charge you. If you live in a small town you usually find more helpful shops, cities not so much.
  5. mkruluts

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    Thank you for your assistance... I will get it looked at and post a response on my solutions.
  6. wpnsgy

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    If you just had new brakes installed and they squeal it very well could be the material the new brake shoe or pads are made of it is quite common. I have experienced it on my 09 Silverado
  7. grimreapersshadow

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    yeah also if your rotors were turned and the machine used is not been maintained then the rotors could be vibrating and cause a slight squeek simple cure is to get new rotors and pads

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