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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by Pyro81, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. Pyro81

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    Are the brake pads supposed to be really snug in the caliper? In the calipers on my truck, the old brake pads were really stuck in it. There are slots in the caliper that a tongue on the pads fit into. But it's such a tight fit that the pads don't move freely at all. Matter of fact i had to take a hammer and a punch and knock the old pads out of the caliper. Is it supposed to be like this? New ones are just as tight a fit.

    I've only done one other brake job, but that was on my Cougar and i had help. It was also 5 or 6 years ago and i don't remember how the fit was on the brake pads to the caliper.
  2. ct9a

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    They are supposed to be snug, but that sounds a little excessive. Sometimes I need a flat head screwdriver to pry the old ones out, but never a hammer.
  3. Pyro81

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    That's what i figured. I remember reading in one of these threads that somebody filed their new brake pads a bit because they were a little too tight. I did the same thing, i filed them a bit so that they fit in without excessive force.
  4. TRPLXL2

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    When I put new pads in my calipers It was a very snug fit so I took some emery cloth and cleaned up the brake pad slides until they slided freely. I have always done this, and have never had to force them on or off any of my vehicles. Try it they come out shiny and new, they get built up with some kind of residue which makes them not slide freely.
  5. vms4evr

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    You should use some brake pad grease on those wings at the end of the pad and the top piece. Most certainly file them so that they fit in easily. They need to slide. Front discs are a floating caliper design. The caliper needs to slide on its pins. As it slides the pad travels with it. So it needs to move in those grooves. Get some CRC Disc Brake Quiet or Brake and Caliper Grease. Grease the ends and then insert them.

    Pulling old pads may take a screwdriver to pry them out. Never required to smack them with a hammer. If they are stuck that bad then your floating caliper no longer floats. Not good.
  6. Pyro81

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    Cool, my suspicions are being validated. I thought that they should be able to move freely. I think that's why my old pads and rotors got so messed up since they were always left in cotact with the rotor. Once i got the old pads out the calipers would slide beutifully on it's pins just on their own. It was like this for both front and back brakes (4-wheel disc brakes). I thought about greasing those slides but figured if i did the grease would attract dirt and make the pads sticky again, so i decided against it. I did add new grease to the pins just because it's basic maintenance.

    Hell, i knew i needed new brakes for a while, but i didn't think they were as bad as they were. One of the rear brake pads had no pad left and was grinding on the back plate. I know it had some pad left as i checked them a couple months ago. It must of broke the rest off somehow or maybe i mistaken something as pad. Don't know. All i know is i've got new ones going on now but waiting on rear rotors because they sent me the wrong ones.

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