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  1. mike042

    mike042 Member

    what type pads came originaly on the fronts ? im changing the brakes i put new rotors and ceramic on rear, but front rotors are still in great shape and i want to go with ceramic pads. but dont know if original came with ceramic or semi, guess what im asking is will original rotors handel ceramic pads?
  2. BillD64

    BillD64 Rockstar

    Probably will work but the vehicle braking performance could be degraded. No matter what the auto parts store guys tell you Ceramics aren't quite as good as the type GM put on. They don't squeal or dust as much but they don't have the stopping power. That could be an issue on a vehicle that doesn't have that much to begin with. There is a reason why true high performance brake pads are not ceramic.

  3. krazyjhawk

    krazyjhawk New Member

    I have read a few things that say the original Pads were made by Akebono and they are Ceramic. People could be wrong, but I have been doing some digging lately cause I also have an 04 Z71
  4. mike042

    mike042 Member

    hey krazyhawk thanks for the reply. i just got a call from chevy cust service, i sent them a email and asked them with my vin they said it came out of factory with ceramic pads but couldnt tell me what vender . but at last got a answer

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