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Discussion in 'Lifted & Offroad Suspension' started by JimBrim, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. JimBrim

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    I just had my brakes done on my '04 Sliverado 4wd. Rotors/pads all way round. I took it to a shop because they started making a rotational grinding sound after I went skiing at around 9500 ft. After the brake job I went skiing again and the same noise. This stops, however, when I decend to around 5500ft. The shop did not change brake fluid. I have just moved from sea level (Boston) to Salt Lake City (4500ft). Could altitude affect my brakes?


  2. ct9a

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    I've never heard of altitude affecting brake performance or causing them to make sounds.

    My guess is temperature and maybe the amount of stuff they have on the road to keep them from freezing. Here they started using mag. chloride (I think?) chemical spray and that stuff covers everything in film. If they're doing that there, that could be it. It would burn off while the truck is moving once you're out of the stuff.
  3. unplugged

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    Could it be the sound of the abs system working?
    Mine makes that sound when I've been tooling around in the slippery stuff the last couple of weeks.
  4. sheep

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    welcome to utah...hope you enjoy it more then i do lol im about an hour north of you in ogden. anyway i guess you could just watch everything and see if you get any abnormal wear on anything, if not then i would just keep them clean and the noise shouldnt be too bad. mine make noise in the summer but the winter they are silent.

    and regarding the way utah takes care of there roads, crappy, your lucky if they salt. when they do repair or redo a road they use the cheapest stuff possible, which is why you can go to certain states and have MTs and it rides like a high way tire and you come to utah and your bouncing all over the place
  5. dgafguy619

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    Man i'd check and see if your rotors are warped, i got a 2000 and my rotors were grinding util i got them turned, as soon as it got cold they started grinding again, if your rotors warp a tiny little bit it makes a hell of a lot of difference, you may have to either get new ones or keep getting them turned

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