Brakes Squeaking after changing brakes?

Discussion in 'General Chevy & GM Tech Questions' started by anewfoundsin, Oct 19, 2011.

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    I have a 2005 Chev Silverado LS 2wd Truck w/40k miles (yes, barely driven). Anyhow the brakes would be a squeak sound when you press on them, so I took in to get them checked and the mechanic said your brake pads need to be replaced in the front and the shoes in the back. I asked him which one is more urgent, he said both have about 3 mos left, so i went with the front pads only. He said the sound was going to be gone, which it was for the reminder of the day.
    The next morning, the sound came back! It squeaks again and I am thinking the mechanic lied to me because I asked him are you sure the squeaky sound will go away w/ just the front pads being replaced and he said yes. Now I'm thinking the squeaky sound is coming from the shoes in the back? What do you guys think? Is he right or wrong?
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    depends. most brake pads have a "squeak" tab on them so when they get to a certain depth the metal tab touches the rotor when you are driving giving a squeel, this is so you know to replace them before you have the metal of the brake pad hitting the rotor and causing damage. then there is also the new brake squeel you can get from vibrations in the pad, which is why they grease the caliper slide pins and have shims etc on the back of most pads. Ceramic brake pads are supposed to be quieter than semi metallic pads. sometimes you can get some squeeling when the pads initially "wear in" to the rotors. then there are also squeeks that can come from brake dust. But typically if done right and using decent quality pads you shouldnt have squeaking after replacing.

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